WW II Docudrama Film “A Voice from Mauthausen” getting rave reviews

A powerful World War II film


Sperduti Bros. Films reports their short award-winning docudrama, A Voice From Mauthausen, continues to accrue accolades and distribution outlets.

The independent film is based on the powerful true story of WWII U.S. Navy frogman Lt. Cmdr. Jack Hedrick Taylor, Navy Cross, Purple Heart, and Prisoner of War medals recipient, as told through his War Crimes Trials testimony.

An orthodontist by profession, Navy Reservist Taylor rejected a medical assignment and volunteered for combat duty. Taylor completed over a dozen missions behind Nazi lines in Europe before ultimate capture and incarceration at the Nazis’ infamous Mauthausen concentration camp. Taylor is acknowledged within the Navy’s special warfare community to be the first frogman to conduct missions on the sea, in the air, and on land.

Today’s U.S. Navy SEALs evolved from Taylor and his fellow frogmen of the O.S.S. Maritime Unit. The Sperduti Brothers’ feature-length script Frogman, also based on Taylor’s life, has garnered special interest among Hollywood producers.

A Voice From Mauthausen is distributed through Allied Vaughn Co.

In DVD and digital download formats, and can be found on most major Internet websites. VetStreamTV is currently processing the movie for its film platform. A Voice From Mauthausen has screened in seven countries on three continents.

A VOICE FROM MAUTHAUSEN Film Festival accolades and history
A Voice From Mauthausen
A short docudrama by Sperduti Bros. Films

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Professional reviews:
“A powerful World War II film.” Route 66 Film Festival, Springfield, IL
“You must see this film.” Athens Jewish Film Festival Short Film Committee, Athens, GA


  • Golden Gate International Film Festival – 1) Best Short Film; 2) Best Director Luigi Sperduti; 3) Nomination Best Actor Tim Tucker
  • WorldFest Houston International Film Festival – Director Luigi Sperduti: Remi Award for World Peace and Understanding
  • Near Nazareth Festival—Gratitude Award for Strengthening Friendship and Understanding Between Nations
  • Action on Film Festival – Xristos Award
  • Athens Jewish Film Festival Short Film Committee – Honorable Mention
  • L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival – Honorable Mention

Official selection with screening:
Action on Film Festival
Route 66 Film Festival
Outside the Box Bakersfield Film Festival
Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival
Vegas Indie Film Festival
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival
Lake Erie Arts and Film Festival
Bucharest Jewish Film Festival (Romania)
High Desert International Film Festival
Golden Gate International Film Festival
San Francisco Veterans Film Festival
San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Official Selection:
U.K. Veterans International Film Festival (Wales)
Aura Screenwriter Awards – Semifinalist
Accolades Awards Competition
Magwill Film Festival
WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
Maverick Movie Awards
Blow-Up: Chicago Arts House Film Festival
Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Spain)
Cine Pobre Film Festival (Mexico)
NewLife Film Festival and Screenplay Contest
Near Nazareth Festival (Israel)
New Classic Cinema Film Festival

A Voice From Mauthausen received DVD and digital distribution through Allied Vaughn Co. It can be found on most major Internet sales websites.

A Voice From Mauthausen has been picked-up by VetStreamTV for streaming on its Internet platform. VetStreamTV is currently processing the movie for its film platform.

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