Swamp Watch: The deep state

Listen to Steve Hilton, the host of - The Next Revolution, expound on this sick swampy joke.


Steve Hilton/ Fox News

Yes, there is a Deep State.

The rise of a permanent ruling class in our Federal Bureaucracy

The size and scope of the federal bureaucracy has become so unaccountable that it is actually unclear how many federal agencies exist.

​The intelligence bureaucracies have become swollen with unaccountable power and resources since 9/11 attack.​​

Swamp Watch: The deep state


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  1. I caught Hilton’s “The Next Revolution” show on Fox News last nite. He’s relatively new there…and quite good–articulate and informative.

    (While we’re on the subject of TV worth watching, I note that my favorite news channel now, RT (Russia Today)–which I’ve watched for years–has suddenly become unavailable on my D.C. cable network! Nothing but a black screen showing! Censorship? Hacking? “Freedom of the Press”? Fortunately, on Telesur, I found Abby Martin doing a smart interview with a man who knows North Korea well, and the real situation between the US and the Koreas….

    Back to “Deep State….” Perhaps an added fillip to Hilton’s fine analysis: this little poem I posted about a year ago–about the allure, and the entrapment:

    By Gary Corseri

    Deep State stretched its paws over the world’s heart;
    Purred…. Deep State purred in the mind’s mazes, curled
    In hidden corners; softened; retracted
    Its claws…. In the citadels, bell towers,
    Cathedrals, it bided time, it padded
    About, with a ghost’s tread—waiting…. Deep State
    Wrapped its claws around the heart’s mulch,
    Squeezed…. Blood squirted, oozed…. Death’s cries rattled….

    (from TRANSCEND Media Service.)