Robert Parry Has Passed Away

24 Jun 1949 – 27 Jan 2018. I rather doubt that we'll hear very much about the passing of Robert Parry; a fine man, on our Fake News Media. Let us remember and carry the torch.


Robert Parry’s Legacy Ennobles Us All

I did not know of Mr. Parry’s passing until I happened to read an article about Oliver Stone criticizing the new Spielberg film that accentuates the courage of Kathryn Graham at The Washington Post.

Spielberg’s film lauds Graham regarding the publication of details about the Reagan era’s Iran-Contra fiasco, while glossing over the true courage of Rob Parry in breaking that story, and sticking with it–delving deeper–, despite pressure from Graham (channeling Henry Kissinger and others!) to “go easy,” or “lighten up.”

I met Robert Parry a couple of times last year. The first time, he hosted an award ceremony at his home for the artistic and journalistic achievements of Oliver Stone. (Briefly, I chatted with Oliver Stone–a hero of mine since “Platoon”!) The 2nd time, he and his wife were at a celebration for the marriage of journalist-friends of mine.

We chatted a little. I only knew him as the editor and publisher of–a website I admired and hoped to write for.

Robert Parry, Editor, Consortium News

The real “profile in courage” concerning the Iran-Contra posturing episode of American double-dealing was Robert Parry’s–who rose above it all, took the personal career risks, set out on his own to tell the truth!

When I chatted with him on those 2 brief occasions, lost in the swirl of details and tidbits about my own life, I was ignorant of Parry’s real background, and he was eminently modest about himself, as he praised the work of others!

Going on my instincts, vis a vis, I liked the man–his directness and intelligence; his insights into the current medley of looming and enveloping apocalyptic dangers.

I am glad that wise and discerning souls like John Pilger had the good sense to champion Parry’s “Gelhorn Award” for Journalistic Excellence last year.

I rather doubt that we’ll hear very much about the passing of this fine man on our Fake News Media. But, let us remember, and carry the torch.

Thank you, Robert Parry, for your truth and your courage!

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