Rand Paul “We’re Very Lucky Trump is in Charge and Not McCain”


Senator Rand Paul ripped fellow republican John McCain after he criticized President Trump’s feud with the biased liberal media.

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  1. KUDOS to Senator Rand Paul for standing up for the President.

    What is Trump’s fault ? He loves his country, wants to protect it’s sovereignty, and get the people back to work. Is that a bad thing? Isn’t that what every leader is expected to do ?

    Why the hysteria on the Left ?

    I don’t understand those Americans who are protesting, calling him a fascist and using the Hitler analogy. They are clearly NOT Americans.
    They are clearly unhinged and a disgrace to American democracy.

    Most Cabinet posts have been filled with America Firsters, with the exception of a couple of them, who will get fired at some point, if they get too reckless and stray from Trump’s America First agenda. That will apply to any or all of his appointees.

    Relax and give the man a chance.