‘So-Called’ Judge James Robart’s Dangerous Political Stunt

Williams praises all in the hardworking Trump administration for being "promise keepers" in so many different areas of the "America First" campaign.

Judge James Robart has emerged from relative obscurity as the first justice to come under fire from President Donald Trump since he took office.


Prof. Victor Williams.

Washington, D.C. attorney and law professor Victor Williams today issues a harsh condemnation of Judge James Robart’s suspension of President Trump’s travel ban.  “Robart pulled a dangerous political stunt.”   Williams states:

“There was no legal basis for Robart’s ruling.  Donald Trump is absolutely right that the travel ban will be eventually upheld.  Indeed, Trump’s Acting Solicitor General Noel Francisco, who is a brilliant and experienced appellate advocate, will shred the trial judge’s TRO decision.”

Professor Williams praises President Trump for publically shaming the unelected, life-tenured Robart by his tweets that expose the ‘ridiculous’ ruling by the ‘so-called judge.’

Indeed, Williams goes much farther than Trump in Robart condemnation:

“Robart knew that the Ninth Circuit would not likely review his ruling before Monday afternoon or Tuesday.  By refusing to grant a stay pending the government’s appeal, Robart purposely opened a 72-hour window to allow mass alien entry from the 7 terrorist-breeding nations.  It now may take weeks to close that window.”

Williams asserts that cameras in the Seattle courtroom captured the jurist’s ideological bias and pre-judgment against President Trump’s travel restriction.

It is telling that Robart couldn’t bring himself to ever use Trump’s name when he questioned the DOJ counsel:  “You’re here arguing on behalf of someone who says: We have to protect the United States from these individuals coming from these countries, and there’s no support for that.”

Robart is the controversial judge who was caught slandering Seattle police and emotionally declaring from the bench that“Black Lives Matter.”  And he then intimated that further Seattle public disturbances might be helpful to achieve his goals.

Robart actually stated: “I’m sure the people of Seattle will march behind me.”

(In a prior statement, Williams answered quixotic calls for Robart’s impeachment.)

Separately, Williams praises all in the hardworking Trump administration for being “promise keepers” in so many different areas of the “America First” campaign.

Professor Williams notes however that unprecedented Senate Democrat confirmation obstruction continues to harm the administration’s efforts.

Trump entered his third week with only four department heads confirmed.  Barack Obama holdovers occupy the vast majority of all leadership positions across the federal government.  Williams has argued that each of President Trump’s exceptional nominees deserve Senate confirmation.

And he today expresses particular support for Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos who “promises genuine and lasting disruption of the nation’s failing public schools.”

As Professor Williams frequently argues, it is absolutely critical for Sen. Jeff Sessions to be immediately confirmed as our 84th Attorney General.

Williams notes finally that the Robart controversy serves to remind all that there are over 117 lower federal court vacancies ready for President Trump to fill with Neil-Gorsuch-quality judges.

Professor Victor Williams was an early primary supporter of Donald Trump (and even he mounted a disruptive legal action against Canadian-born Ted Cruz).  Williams launched “Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump” during the general election. The campaign group is now being transformed into, and rebranded as, an advocacy platform to support the Trump/Pence “America First” administration.

Prof. Victor Williams, can be reached at: [email protected]




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