Afghanistan Forever

U.S. to send 300 Marines to Afghanistan's Helmand province.

US Marines to return to Helmand province in Afghanistan.

by Scott Stockdale

In a recent Reuters article , it announces that 300 U.S. Marines are being sent to stifle those pests “The Taliban,” in Afghanistan.

This is what the western alliance fought for in Afghanistan for ten plus years. When elected in 2006, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made Afghanistan his first foreign stopover, where he announced to the world:

“We’re not going to cut and run, not as long as I’m prime minister. That’s not the Canadian way and that’s not my way. We’re going to stand and fight.”

And then he got on an airplane and got safely out of harm’s way. Many years and many deaths later, “cut and run” is exactly what Stephen Harper did in Afghanistan.

But never mind – his grandstanding was good optics as he showed he was a tough leader, cheered on by the National Post which gushed that Canada had a more muscular foreign policy.

Afghanistan – Long years of war and struggle

I know a Canadian career soldier who was in Afghanistan. Before Canada pulled out,  I asked him:

“And after we leave will the Taliban still be there”

With a stern look and deep resonating voice he said:

“The Taliban will be there long after you and l have gone.”

Meanwhile political careers such as Mr. Harper’s soared, people died and the armaments industry not only make a fortune, they were able to try out their new toys; and the western public continued to scream for more of the same:

After all it’s not working so you need more men, more arms and more killings to make it work.

And where is Mr. Harper today?

He is sitting on the board of directors of many of the companies which he did their bidding for when he was prime minister.

But has it ever been any different?

Source:  U.S. to send 300 Marines to Afghanistan’s Helmand province


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One Response to "Afghanistan Forever"

  1. Debbie Menon  January 10, 2017 at 10:11 am

    The Western powers have been recycling history in Afghanistan for almost 300 years, at the expense of the Afghan people!

    The best way of restoring some semblance of order in Afghanistan is engaging with the overwhelming Pashtun majority. The only way forward is a dialogue with Pashtuns. It is always wiser to hold dialogue with an armed fanatic than it is to try to fight him. Especially when he is on his own turf and has the persuasive power of “we’re being invaded, again!” on his side.

    The invaders know this. The Americans are blind, and their “dominate or destroy” foreign policy stands in the way of any dialogue or accommodation.

    How many people will have to be killed before peace descends on Afghanistan?

    Anyone who expects to survive in Afghanistan, or that area, must eventually come to terms with the Taleban, like them or not. It is the people of this spirit and dogged determination, who have repelled every invader since Alexander the Great.

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