Failed Mainstream Media terrified of Alternative Media


Scott Rickard Rocks!

“So this is a tremendous amount of propaganda and the people actually believe it… we have a society that has been incredibly misguided and misinformed for well over a hundred years in this country. ”

“It is good to see a failure in the system and I’m really happy to see that it is being exposed by Muckrakers like RT.”

“Let’s be clear when you get this kind of analysis from the CIA… Some of these people at the top, at CIA, don’t really have a serious understanding of the technology… the likes of Clapper… they are dependent on the directors of those divisions, and those directors of those divisions also have their own perceptions of reality, and alot of these guys absolutely have learnt the perception of reality from the history of Hollywood, looking at movies, I know these people personally, having been there, they have a very poor distorted perception of reality. 

“Like Philip Giraldi said:  it will be good to have  good relations between RUSSIA and USA”

“We are seeing an onslaught of information that is absolutely untrue about Russia…At the end of the day, this type of propaganda is coming out of United States.”

“Unfortunately this is nothing new… and what we really need  is RT and Press TV to grow… and invest in your own  think tanks in the United States…”

– Scott Rickard –

Peter Lavelle: Allegations and even more allegations: weeks after Donald Trump won the presidency the outgoing administration and some in the intelligence community, and of course the mainstream media accuse Russia of hacking the election – but where is the evidence?

“They don’t want Competition, They want a Silent Opposition”

CrossTalking with Don DeBar, Scott Rickard, and Joe Lauria.

Published on Jan 6, 2017

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