Again, They’re Blaming the Russians!

If our intelligence “services” really have evidence that the Russians hacked our 2016 presidential election, why is that evidence not produced?


There’s a Psy-OP, All Right, But It Isn’t “The Russians”

by J.Speer-Williams

Current international monetary and banking system- a system of creating perpetual debt and eternal servitude.

Current international monetary and banking system- a system of creating perpetual debt and eternal servitude.

The international banking oligarchs felt they had Hillary Clinton elected as our forty-fifth American president with their undisclosed ownership and manipulation of electronic voting machines throughout at least sixteen states. But what the oh-so-clever foreign bankers did not come close to accurately anticipating was the huge voting groundswell of support Donald Trump would receive from an awakening American public.

Mr. Trump actually won both the general population vote and the Electoral College.

But the chance of Trump becoming our best president ever, in contrast to our worst president ever, Barack Obama,* is slim.

*Obama doubled our national debt and thus made any kind of decent economic recovery almost impossible. He has also killed, maimed, and made homeless millions of innocent people, while torturing hundreds of thousands of others. Additionally, he has tried to destroy our national identity with the influx of millions of illegal aliens. The man is easily the lyingest president in American history. But he did bring change – most of it bad.

Obama has created a Cuban Missile crisis, but in reverse, and a hundred times more provocative. Along with the Neocons who control his administration, Obama has positioned nuclear missiles along Russia’s western border, imposed economic sanctions on Russia, and is now threatening reprisals for his baseless claims that Russia hacked our recent presidential election. Obama has never been any more than a Yes Man to the foreign bankers, never a president who could lead with diplomacy.

Vladimir Putin is the man of the century for returning Russia to its Christian roots and for not reacting to Obama’s war-like overtures. Mr. Putin will hopefully continue his attempts at diplomacy with a US government that seems set on having its nuclear war.

Another man of the century is Julius Assange, the man who arranged for a Democratic Party whistleblower to give WikiLeaks the emails that proved just how corrupt Hillary Clinton and her associates really are.

Another possible man of the century is Donald Trump … if … the controlling oligarchs fail to keep him out of office.

Media Ownership and Influence

Media Ownership and Influence

It is truly remarkable how the oligarchs’ owned-and-controlled US press has taken the WikiLeaks emails that are proof-positive of Hillary Clinton’s criminality and made them reasons that President-elect Donald Trump should not take office.

The Controllers put Barack Obama into office to do their secret work and they have the power to keep Trump out of office – for fear that some of Obama’s destructive work (like Obamacare) might be corrected.

Democracies, in time, become absolute tyrannies, just as our founding fathers warned. Today, America is owned and controlled by tyrants who determine our national elections. Even President Franklin Roosevelt said, “Presidents aren’t elected, they’re selected.”

The oligarchs made a miscalculation when rigging their electronic voting machines, but they’re not about to allow America to become great again.

Already, the presidential electors have received hundreds of thousands of emails, snail mails, and phone calls – including death threats – urging the electors to not vote for Trump. This kind of response requires organization, money, and direction – it is not an organic reaction.

Electoral College Members to cast final vote for President and Vice President Monday, December 19, 2016.

Electoral College Members to cast final vote for President and Vice President Monday, December 19, 2016.

Then, the international bankers’ owned-and-controlled media took the incriminating WikiLeaks emails and widely claimed they were hacked by the Russians, without ever once publishing how those very same emails showed what a criminal organization the DNC (and Hillary Clinton) really is.* It’s the old story of attacking the messenger instead of the message. But in this case, the media has even mislabeled the messenger.

Former British Diplomat Craig Murray

Former British Diplomat Craig Murray

*Former British Foreign Ambassador Craig Murray told the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, that he received the Podesta/Clinton emails on behalf of WikiLeaks from a Democratic Party whistleblower and not from any Russians. But now, President Obama has vowed retaliation against the Russians, accusing them of hacking the DNC’s emails. Does the man not understand Russia is a super-nuclear power?

If our intelligence “services” really have evidence that the Russians hacked our 2016 presidential election, why is that evidence not produced?

And why are all the unnamed CIA and FBI sources proving Russian hacking not named?

Can we believe anything Obama’s CIA and FBI tells us?

The international banking oligarchs, who control the money and credit of America (and most of the world), have been unsuccessful (thanks to Vladimir Putin) in dominating Russia. So these nutso bankers have their Western puppet media demonize Russia (and Mr. Putin) at the risk of throwing the world into a vast blazing conflagration.

The Western media, instead of publishing the hot expositions of the WikiLeaks emails, have convinced most of the American public that the Russians rigged our electronic voting machines, thus throwing the election in Trump’s favor. The media has been clever in not exactly saying that, but have written their headlines and articles in ways that would give our US low-information voters (including the electoral voters) the idea that the Russians rigged our voting machines- something only the oligarchs had the ability to do.

America is controlled by criminal psychopaths who actually think they can win a nuclear war with Russia. Even their sock puppet president, Barack Obama, recently stated that Russia is a small, poor country [nothing to be afraid of]. The clueless Obama has been terribly wrong on most issues, but underestimating Russia’s nuclear power could prove to be the most terrible mistake ever made by an American president.

Men of the Century ?

Men of the Century ?

Are we being told of this critical crossroads with Russia? Not a chance. Instead, we are being told outright lies about how a “war-mongering” Putin is purposely killing innocents in Syria, invading Ukraine, and giving our 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump by way of rigging our electronic voting machines.

But when you own and control the US major media, withholding vital data is another trick of the propagandists. In that fashion,you can easily determine what millions of mindless Americans think and believe.

So now, if Trump somehow makes it through the Electoral College, he will face continued opposition in all of his cabinet and court appointments, both from Congress and the mainstream media.

Then likely will come a move for his impeachment by Congress – which will be something he’ll probably not make it through, due to the utter control (blackmail) the bankers have over all members of Congress.

If, however, divine lightning does strike again, and Mr. Trump is not impeached, is there an assassination awaiting the new president? It would be the easiest solution for the dark and controlling oligarchs. A Mike Pence presidency would greatly please the enigmatic international bankers.

God gave us Donald Trump, but it seems likely Satan will take him away.

Hopefully such an end result will benefit the United States, as many of our fellow countrymen will finally see how we are all being controlled by very dark, godless, un-American forces.

J.Speer-Williams can be reached at [email protected]

Also see: ‘Russia Card’ Vendetta

CrossTalking with Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern, Former CIA Philip Giraldi, and Former advisor to the US Senate Republican leadership-James Jatras.

The CIA works for the President.  The NSA has no evidence of Russia hacking.



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    Great article, Jack. Somewhat surprising to see it here rather than at VT, but VNN now seems to be publishing the kind of articles that once made VT worth reading.

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