Trump the Great

If Trump can defeat the oligarchy and save America, he can go down in history as Trump the Great.


by Paul Craig Roberts

Liberals, progressives, and the left-wing (to the extent that one still exists) are aligning with the corrupt oligarchy against president-elect Trump and the American people.

They are busy at work trying to generate hysteria over Trump’s “authoritarian personality and followers.” In other words, the message is: here come the fascists.

Liberals and progressives wailed and whined about “an all white male cabinet,” only to be made fools by Trump’s appointment of a black male and two women, one a minority and one a Trump critic.

The oligarchs are organizing their liberal progressive front groups to disrupt Trump’s inauguration in an effort to continue the attempt to delegitimize Trump the way the paid Maidan protesters were used in Kiev to delegitimize the elected Ukrainian government.

To the extent any of the Trump protesters are sincere and not merely paid tools of oligarchs, such as George Soros, military and financial interests, and global capitalists, they should consider that false claims and unjustified criticism can cause Trump and his supporters to close their ears to all criticism and make it easier for neoconservatives to influence Trump by offering support.


Neoconservatives from the Republican Bush era

At this point we don’t know what a Trump government is going to do. If he sells out the people, he won’t be reelected. If he is defeated by the oligarchy, the people will become more radical.

We do not know how Washington insiders appointed to the government will behave inside a Trump presidency. Unless they are ideologues like the neoconservatives or agents of powerful interests, insiders survive by going along with the current. If the current changes under Trump, so will the insiders.

Republican Bush era Neocons - Architects of Iraq war

Republican Bush era Neocons – Architects of Iraq war

Trump got elected because flyover America has had all it can take from the self-dealing oligarchy. The vast bullk of America has seen its economic prospects and that of children and grandchildren decline for a quarter century. The states Hillary carried are limited to the liberal enclaves and oligarchy’s stomping grounds on the NE and West coasts and in Colorado and New Mexico, where effete wealthy liberals have located because of the scenary. If you look at the red/blue electoral map, geographically speaking Hillary’s support is very limited.

We know that Hillary is an agent for the One Percent. The Clintons $120 million personal wealth and $1.6 billion personal foundation are proof that the Clintons are bought-and-paid-for. We know that Hillary is responsible for the destruction of Libya and of much of Syria and for the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine. We know that the Clinton regime’s sanctions on Iraq resulted in the deaths of 500,000 children. These are war crimes and crimes against humanity. We know Hillary used government office for private gain. We know she violated national security laws without being held accountable.

What we don’t know is why groups that allegedly are liberal-progressive-leftwing are such fervent supporters of Hillary.

From undermining the Second Amendment and influencing elections to sponsoring color revolutions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the ominous footprint of George Soros is everywhere.— reclaimourrepublic

From undermining the Second Amendment and influencing elections to sponsoring color revolutions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the ominous footprint of George Soros is everywhere.— reclaimourrepublic

One possible answer is that these groups are mere fronts for vested interests and are devoid of any sincere motives.

Another possible answer is that these groups believe that the important issues are not jobs for Americans and avoiding war with nuclear powers, but transgender, homosexual and illegal alien rights.

Another possible answer is that these groups are uninformed and stupid.

What these protesters see as a threat in Trump’s strong and willful personality is actually a virtue. A cipher like Obama has no more ability to stand up to the oligarchy than a disengaged George W. Bush so easily stage-managed by Dick Cheney. Nothing less than an authoritarian style and personality is a match for the well-entrenched ruling oligarchy and willful neoconservatives. If Trump were a shrinking violet, the electorate would have ignored him.

Trump did not purchase his presidency with the offer of handouts to blacks, the poor generally, teachers unions, farmers, abortion rights for women, etc. Trump was elected because he said:

“Those who control the levers of power in Washington and the global special interests they partner with, don’t have your good in mind. It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you.”

It has been a long time since the electorate heard this kind of talk from someone seeking public office. Trump’s words are what Americans were waiting to hear.

As willful as Trump is, he is only one person. The oligarchy are many.

As impressive as Trump’s billion dollars is, the oligarchs have trillions.

Congress being in Republican hands will spare Trump partisan obstruction, but Congress remains in the hands of interest groups.

Neoconed Architects of Endless "Regime Change" Wars

Neoconed Architects of Endless “Regime Change” Wars

As powerful as the office of the president can be, without unity in government changes from the top don’t occur, especially if the president is at odds with the military with regard to the alleged threat posed by Russia and China. Trump says he wants peace with the nuclear powers. The military/security complex needs an enemy for its budget.

It is absolutely necessary that a lid be put on tensions between nuclear powers and that economic opportunity reappears for the American people. Trump is not positioned to benefit from war and jobs offshoring. The only sensible strategy is to support him on these issues and to hold his feet to the fire.

As for the immigration issue, the Obama Justice (sic) Department has just worsened the picture with its ruling that American police departments cannot discriminate against non-citizens by only hiring citizens as officers. Now that US citizens face arrest in their own country by non-citizens, the resentment of immigrants will increase. Clearly it is nonsensical to devalue American citizenship in this way. Clearly it is sensible to put a lid on immigration until the US economy is again able to create jobs capable of sustaining an independent existence.

If Trump can defeat the oligarchy and save America, he can go down in history as Trump the Great. I think that this prospect appeals to Trump more than more wealth. Instead of trying to tear him down in advance, he should be supported. With Trump’s determination and the people’s support, change from the top down is possible. Otherwise, change has to come from the bottom up, and that means an awful lot of blood in the streets.

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4 Responses to "Trump the Great"

  1. Debbie Menon  December 8, 2016 at 6:22 am

    The man has not even been inaugurated or assembled his cabinet and the stupid dyed in wool Democrats and Liberal Media are jumping all over the place almost lusting after the sight of Trump betraying his followers.

    He is going to have to do many things to try and right the Ship of State and not everyone in a very Divided United States is going to like everything he does. Common sense ?

    Right now there are a lot of politicians from either side trying to leverage themselves into power players. We’ll see how this all shakes out.

    Remember Trump outsmarted all the so-called professionals in the business of politics and media. Give the man some credit for knowing what he is doing.

    He’s lifted the table and turned it upside down because everything is a mess. About time someone cared to do it using his own money.

    Some things may not work out as he would like it to or we would like it to..

    Trump will be focused on trade, illegal immigration and healthcare for starters.

    Now, sit back and watch the game play out, what else is left to lose ?

    You did right voting for Trump instead of Hillary.

    “Merry Christmas” Americans – You can start saying it and decorating your trees with Christ based Christmas ornaments in the Christian Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, without being afraid anymore!

  2. libadvsor  November 28, 2016 at 6:42 am

    I’m going on 86 years of age. I remember being posted to HK and the emergence of the Vietnam conflict. A handful of US expeditionary forces led to a build-up of over 500,000 US troops. I recall saying to my non-American staff “the Marines will have this over in short order”. In other words,
    I was for justifiable US invervention. Now I reflect back after so many wars and so much US ‘justifiable’ intervention with the the US in debt $20 trillion that is countable that General/President was so right in admonition of the US Industrial/Military Empire. Today, they may labelled NEOCONS. Our country has been pulled into many wars of people liberation. Wow, the moment I mention that I could be considered a communist. Sorry no the farthest from being one. It is the reflection that after WWII, we have sided with seemingly nice Western oriented dictators like Generalismo Chiang and others in Vietnam. Don’t know about Korea. The other side of those conflicts were decidedly people oriented Communists supported by Soviet Russia obviously bad from a US perspective. Nonetheless, Mao andHo Chi Min avowed communists represented the peasant people rightly or wrongfully arch enemies of the western powers who controlled China’s coastal cities and the French colonialists. Having now left the China and Vietnam scene the US now is those nations largest trading partners. We go on from there and get involved in the Middle East using weapons of mass destruction as a reasoning for involvement againt Saddam and various other dictators including Egypt in the name of regime change. It goes without saying that the Middle East is now a flotsom of destruction and now we face ISIS an organization of our creation. Don’t get me wrong I support an elite lean Defence Department better than ever, one that is so superior that no foreign power would dare to attack us. Hopefully President-elect Trump is thinking along these lines and not listening to the NEOCONS.

  3. Toby  November 28, 2016 at 6:07 am

    Remember the writers of:



    Ken Adelman
    David Adesnik
    Michael Auslin
    Mike Baker
    Christopher Barton
    Kevin W. Billings
    Robert D. Blackwill
    Daniel A. Blumenthal
    Max Boot
    Ellen Bork
    Anna Borshchevskaya
    Joseph A. Bosco
    Michael Chertoff
    Patrick Chovanec
    James Clad
    Eliot A. Cohen
    Gus Coldebella
    Carrie Cordero
    Michael Coulter
    Chester A. Crocker
    Patrick M. Cronin
    Seth Cropsey
    Tom Donnelly
    Daniel Drezner
    Colin Dueck
    Eric Edelman
    Joseph Esposito
    Charles Fairbanks
    Richard A. Falkenrath
    Peter D. Feaver
    Niall Ferguson
    Jamie Fly
    Richard Fontaine
    Aaron Friedberg
    Dan Gabriel
    Greg Garcia
    Jana Chapman Gates
    Jeffrey Gedmin
    Reuel Marc Gerecht
    James K. Glassman
    David Gordon
    Christopher J. Griffin
    Mary R. Habeck
    Paul Haenle
    Melinda Haring
    Robert Hastings
    Rebeccah Heinrichs
    Francis Q. Hoang
    Rachel Hoff
    Jeffrey W. Hornung
    William C. Inboden
    Jamil N. Jaffer
    Ash Jain
    Marc C. Johnson
    Myriah Jordan
    Robert G. Joseph
    Tim Kane
    Kate Kidder
    Robert Kagan
    Rep. Jim Kolbe
    David Kramer
    Stephen Krasner
    Matthew Kroenig
    Frank Lavin
    Philip I. Levy
    Philip Lohaus
    Mary Beth Long
    Peter Mansoor
    John Maurer
    Matthew McCabe
    Bryan McGrath
    Richard G. Miles
    Paul D. Miller
    Charles Morrison
    Michael B. Mukasey
    Scott W. Muller
    Lester Munson
    Andrew S. Natsios
    Michael Noonan
    Tom Nichols
    John Noonan
    Roger F. Noriega
    Stephen E. Ockenden
    John Osborn
    Robert T. Osterhaler
    Mackubin T. Owens
    Daniel Pipes
    Everett Pyatt
    Martha T. Rainville
    Stephen Rodriguez
    Marc A. Ross
    Nicholas Rostow
    Michael Rubin
    Daniel F. Runde
    Benjamin Runkle
    Richard L. Russell
    Andrew Sagor
    Kori Schake
    Randy Scheunemann
    Gary J. Schmitt
    Gabriel Schoenfeld
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    Michael Singh
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    Jeremy Teigen
    William H. Tobey
    Frances F. Townsend
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    Daniel Vajdich
    Ruth Wedgwood
    Albert Wolf
    Julie Wood
    Dov S. Zakheim
    Roger Zakheim
    Sam Zega
    Philip Zelikow
    Robert B. Zoellick
    Laurence Zuriff

  4. Debbie Menon  November 27, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    This is a powerful piece for what it is intended to do, by none other than our tireless “Online Truth Media” stalwart – Paul Craig Roberts.

    Will the NYTimes print it ? Is the weather changing over at the NYTimes Building ?

    Don’t hold your breath, because it is infected to the core by the usual suspects.

    Time to “Drain the Swamp.” Let’s hope!

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