The Hidden Communist History of the Neo-Conservatives (“Neo Cons”)

Neo-conservatism fully began to rear its ugly head in the 1990’s when they thoroughly infiltrated the once patriotic and pro-America Republican party.


Also known as Neo-cons

by Rahul Manchanda, Esq.

Now that organized Communism has been revealed, mainly since the fall of the USSR in the late 1980s/early 1990s, to be simply a very well-hidden mechanism of total social control by a small group of paranoid, megalomaniacal “control freaks,” the People are waking up to realize that they really do not want to have every single aspect of their lives, their families, or their friends’ dominated, manipulated, harassed, intimidated, threatened, or micro-managed by a small cabal group of psychotic plutocratic warmongering freaks, who consistently maintain one set of rules and morals for themselves, and another set for others.

There is a reason why their favorite mantra for themselves is “Do What Thou Wilt,” and “God Is According To My Right (Deus Meumque Jus).”

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill .

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill .

Now that the former Soviet Union is dead and defunct, replaced instead by a wholesome, healing, green, and reinstated Christian State by Vladimir Putin after his installation of Patriarch Kirill, the country is starting to resemble the true, heartfelt patriotism of its People as America enjoyed prior to World War 2, where men and women lived and died believing in the ideals and cultural values of their country.

But the United States has instead switched places with the control freak mechanisms and social control of the former USSR, and even NAZI Germany, because the same miscreant international banksters have abandoned their German and Russian projects to exclusively focus on the “American Project,” ie, the once free, proud, healthy, and strong United States of America.

At the helm of this nightmarish and Frankenstein-like transformation of the USA into something more akin to the former USSR and/or NAZI Germany, is the “National Security State/Military Industrial Complex,” spearheaded by the Deep State Plutocrat/Oligarch Elite, using their most effective “useful idiot” agents, the Neo-Conservative (“Neo-Con”) movement.

Neocon Architects of Iraq war

Neo-con Architects of Iraq war

Each and every single Neo-Con is by nature un-American, antithetical to personal freedom, addicted to stupid foreign wars and destroying foreign national sovereignty, obsessed with global communist control of the world’s people and resources, inherently anti-family or national borders, pro-central banker federal reserve fiat (paper) currency as opposed to gold or precious commodity backed currency, maniacally controlling all forms of the major media to brainwash Americans into their way of thinking, obsessed with remaining at the top and crushing under their boot-heels, every one else not lucky or sociopathic enough to be in their “club.”

Each and every person and entity within their midst, are simply a means to an end, and if their servants step out of line, they retaliate and destroy you with willful abandon, using other “useful idiots,” movements, entities and agencies at their disposal and control, in a “divide and conquer” mechanism and scenario.

The Neo-Conservatives are also directly behind the new movement by the Mainstream Media to seek out and destroy all remaining free Alternative Media Outlets, in their campaign to go after “Fake News,” ie, media not controlled and dominated by the Communist Movement found at:

Perhaps a “list” needs to be created of all active Neo-Conservatives both within the government and without, just as they have done with their list of “Fake News” web sites which clearly and transparently serve their own needs and attempt to quash their enemies and exposers, wherein they have tried to paint any media outlet which is anti-war, America-first, anti-neocon, and pro-human rights as a “Russian Propaganda” Website – see

The super-compartmentalization of one group being positioned against another is completely and totally unknown and alien to those being manipulated, and sadly, these divided actors/ nations/ entities will kill each other off and won’t even realize that they’ve been used and “had” for decades, if not centuries.

Neo-conservatism fully began to rear its ugly head in the 1990’s when they thoroughly infiltrated the once patriotic and pro-America Republican party.

They are the true “Manchurian Candidates” of the modern age.

Their favorite modus operandi is to fund and support “useful idiot” protected classes in order to do their dirty work by turning them on their enemies and detractors with character assassination, labeling their targets as “anti-semites,” “misogynists,” “racists,” or “homophobes.”

See also: and

The neo-cons are also behind the movement to disarm the People of the United States by destroying the Second Amendment, in their agenda to ultimately arrest, incarcerate, and remove from society any and all Americans who resist their Communist takeover of the United States.

From its socialist origins in the 1950’s, the anti-Stalinist Left (Trotskyites) movement adopted the rhetoric of the anti-Communist right in order to create a new paradigm which was more palatable to the American public.

It is already well-established that the neo-cons began with the Trotskyist Communists.

The United States of America has always been historically staunchly anti-Communist/Socialist, with such favorite catch phrases in the 1950s such as “Better Dead Than Red,” but what happens when the Trojan Horse of Communism appears from within the most conservative force in America itself, ie, the Republican Party?


The Neo-Con founders included James Burnham, Max Shactman, Leo Strauss, Suzanne LaFollette, Willmoore Kendall, and Irving Kristol (father of Fox News pundit Bill Kristol).

All of them came from Communist (Trotskyist) backgrounds.

It is therefore incumbent upon each and every single patriotic American who cares about the future of their country (especially federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutor offices) to immediately begin to identify, isolate, marginalize, investigate, indict, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate all Neo-Conservatives as an internal and national security threat to the welfare of the United States of America.

See: TROTSKY, STRAUSS, AND THE NEOCONS War Party’s leftist and elitist roots exposed

Also see: The American Dream By The Provocateur Network


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