It’s Time For The American People To Rein In The Military Industrial Complex

For some reason, neither John Kerry nor Barack Obama want to take on the MIC.


by Rahul Manchanda


The news is steadily rumbling in, and each and every day, more and more “American Generals” are coming out of the woodwork to make incredibly irresponsible and irrational declarations provoking World War 3 with Russia, China, Iran, and Syria, more akin to the behavior of Major Kong from the movie “Dr. Strangelove,” wherein he rides a nuclear bomb being dropped on the enemy, while maniacally waving his cowboy hat, hooting and hollering.

It is way past time for each and every American citizen who cares about their children, their home, their job, their family, their friends, and their way of life, to absolutely INUNDATE their local and state Congressmen and Senators with phone calls, emails, texts, and faxes, DEMANDING that Congress or the Senate (or both) call an emergency investigatory hearing, and grill these out of control Deep State Pentagon lunatics, and ask them, what do they know, that the American people don’t know?


Because both the Mainstream and Alternative Media (rarely if ever in sync, but this time they are) report that the United States is repeatedly violating mutually executed ceasefire agreements with Russia over the Syrian Conflict, and that apparently, the Military Industrial Complex (“MIC”), led by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, is DELIBERATELY undermining, and going against, the hard-fought and very sensitive diplomatic agreements and overtures being hammered out by Secretary of State John Kerry, as directed by President Barack Obama, in order to AVOID World War 3.

Russian Foreign Ministry official spokesperson Maria Zakharova and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Maria Zakharova

Meanwhile Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Maria Zakharova are exclaiming in an exasperated fashion – “just who IS actually running America?”

military-industrial-complex-united-states-of-america-300x3001If the unelected, unregulated, unsupervised, and unaccountable to the American People and media, closed-off Military Industrial Complex is now openly overriding, undermining, and sabotaging the duly elected and accountable Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of the U.S. Government, selected and placed into office by the American People, then it is now truly, only the American People who can drag those responsible out of their armchairs at the Pentagon, and duly interrogate them using the Congress and Senate, to determine just what exactly it is that they seem to know, and are so unreasonably aggressive about.

Russian President Vladimir Putin still respectfully refers to America as a “partner,” China seems to just want to grow its economy and feed its people, and Iran appears to just want to grow its economy after 40 years of cruel economic sanctions, a U.S./U.K.-backed bleeding war with Iraq, and other sabotage financed and engineered by the U.S. and the U.K.

For some reason, neither John Kerry nor Barack Obama want to take on the MIC, even when it is quite obvious to everyone in the world, that the MIC doesn’t seem to honor anything that the Executive Branch negotiates or does to avoid war in order to pursue peace.

Perhaps the Executive Branch is worried about the repercussions and retaliations that the MIC could take if they took the MIC on directly (e.g., a Venezuelan or Turkish-style coup d’etat)?

But the American People are far too numerous, opinionated, and difficult to control and intimidate in this manner.

The American People must DEMAND an ad hoc, urgent, and emergency Congressional/Senatorial subpoena and investigation IMMEDIATELY of each and every decision-maker at the Pentagon, and then report it back to the American People, watered down if necessary to avoid revealing legitimate “state secrets” or “national security” issues.

The prediction in 1961 by then President and decorated General Dwight D. Eisenhower has unfortunately come true – the MIC is now firmly in charge of the American ship, and are about to irreparably slam it into the proverbial iceberg of World War 3, on purpose.

All of these MIC players have underground bunkers, weird Occult Freemasonic hiding chambers, fully stocked bank accounts full of gold, foreign islands and countries that they can take off to at a moment’s notice, thus protecting themselves and their kids/families from a “full on” nuclear war, while 99% of the rest of the American People have only their houses, socks, and blankets.

The MIC will be fine in a nuclear holocaust – it is the American People and their children, who will be burned to a crisp.

The MIC should no longer be allowed to conduct their warmongering and sociopathic behavior behind closed doors anymore, under the “guise” of National Security, or whatever other opaque excuse that they provide.

If we Americans care about our country, kids, and way of life, we must contact our local congressmen and senators urgently, and demand an investigation immediately, before it is too late.

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