America Must Reclaim Moral Authority


by Rahul Manchanda

The United States of America is at a crossroads, yet again. The balkanization of this great country and the constant internecine warfare between the citizenry may be the end-goal of some of the international elitists and plutocrats who want this nation to fracture and break up, relegated to the dustbin of history, but it would be a very sad development if the great experiment that is the charter of this great nation should be forgotten.

Our nation has been battered and whipped by malevolent forces both external and internal, by those with money and power who have sought to sow the seeds of discord, disunity, and distrust among members of the American family, often through legislation, or elected (or non-elected) members of government, who have come together to drive us all in different directions, with no common purpose, no common denominator, no common destiny, and no common future.

America needs to once again ask itself, in order to re-calibrate itself – just what do we stand for? What are our values? What will we tolerate, and what will we fight to defend? Many in the US argue that our nation is Exceptional – that is, we have a God-given mandate to exist and to bring everyone in the world under our umbrella of enlightenment, freedom, solid values, equality, and progress.


Our Nation, in order to reclaim our place as a “shining city on a hill,” a place where people want to come to, must immediately begin to:

(1) stop attacking other nations overseas for the sake of the Military Industrial Complex, Special Interest groups, and other nations who buy and sell our elected leaders, judges, and legislators like baseball cards – we must treat other nations as they would want to be treated, with respect, trade, and comity of nations, as Thomas Jefferson spoke about;

(2) we must stop creating terrorists as proxies to accomplish foreign policy goals, as is caused when the above elements are allowed to dominate our political discourse through think-tanks and cold, hard cash bribes paid to the elected (and non-elected) officials of the US Government;

(3) we must encourage peaceful solutions and negotiations as well as diplomacy among nations to resolve conflict, and we must be consistent throughout, as a reflection of our own values, all across the world – rather than bombing nations into submission (which never works) we should be using diplomatic chambers and boardrooms to settle our differences, with war only as a last resort, and only to be declared by Congress after full disclosure (to the extent possible) to the American people;

(4) we must re-create the Middle Class, not by force through Socialist measures as espoused by some candidates running for office, but through the American way – free trade, laissez-faire economics, production of solid and well crafted goods and services, the mobilization of industry and technology, and the encouraging of Americans of all stripes to become business owners, patent holders, tradesmen, innovators, and producers, once again;

(5) we must abolish all social engineering laws and programs in the United States which tend to always have a blow-back effect – and that are unconstitutional in their application and effect – criminal justice and family court reform are essential aspects to forge and reclaim our once great nation – we are imprisoning far too many innocents in this country, leaving tens of millions of families, children, and individuals broken, shattered, bankrupted, and ruined psychologically, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually;

(6) we must encourage charitable giving and love in our popular entertainment and media, rather than the glorification of gratuitous violence, sex, and substance abuse – such exposures often desensitize the viewing population after generational years and decades of enduring such type of experiences, and skew our inherent man-made urges to create, strengthen, and fortify our families and societies, rather than tearing them down;

(7) we must return to the Rule of Law in this country, and that means cleaning up the corrosive and corrupting forces of money on our judges and their courts – too many federal and state judges cut their teeth working for huge law firms where their clients were banks and mega-corporations, whose sole motives were higher profits at the expense of the People they were supposed to serve – activist judges or those who are far too close to special interest and lobbying groups must be driven out, and not allowed to serve on the bench;

(8) we must balance our budget and escape the yoke of central banking somehow to a nameless, faceless elite who are not elected by the People, and who often force our government officials into foreign and domestic policies which actually hurt our nation, and exhaust our people and resources, leaving the People and their hard work and labor spent and used up, like the ashes of a smoked cigar;

(9) we must teach common moral values in our schools, media, television, movies, and families, from birth until death – freedom and the first amendment are paramount, but common decency should prevail and abuse of those freedoms are not beneficial to a healthy nation;

(10) we must constantly police our elected and non-elected government officials and oligarchs, ensuring that they are not selling or blotting out our collective freedoms or direction of this great nation – with great power comes great responsibility, but the People are the ultimate guardians of their own freedoms, not their elected or non-elected government officials, or the oligarchs/plutocrats who think they are demi-Gods.

To recap, we must once again become a nation that people want to flock to, not a nation that people cower away from in revulsion, disgust, and fright, which unfortunately our nation is fast becoming. We must once again become a beacon of hope, light, and inspiration to the world, rather than a darkened gaggle of balkanized mouth-breathers with no common purpose, decency, morality, direction, value system, or destiny.

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