Miko Peled # Zionism Must Go #Free Palestine, End the Occupation

Miko peled: My Comments on BDS, at the AMP Conference, November, 2014 in Chicago.
Miko peled: My Comments on BDS, at the AMP Conference, November, 2014 in Chicago.
Miko peled: My Comments on BDS, at the AMP Conference, November, 2014 in Chicago.

Miko Peled  2Miko Peled- is an Israeli activist who speaks about his book, The General’s Son (A General who later became an advocate for Palestinian rights):

Journey of an Israeli in Palestine, which is based on his life growing up in a well-known Zionist family. After following in his family’s footsteps and serving in the Israel Defense Forces, Peled withdrew during the 1982 Lebanese invasion and devoted his life to peace activism.
Excerpts from his speech:

He began by saying: “To understand what happened in Gaza recently, you must go back to Balfour and to 1947”

“It is impossible to talk about Gaza, without talking about 1947 and 1948 and so on…”

“Connecting Gaza back to Palestine.” 

He notes an attempt is being made to isolate Gaza from the rest of Palestine. Which is what Israel, the U.S. and the Europeans have been doing. By isolating it, they are stopping the solution.

Palestine is not  just Gaza and the West Bank. Palestine is the Galilee, it is Jerusalem, it is Jaffa and it is Haifa,  it is the entire country, he notes.

They have been very successful in creating this impression that Palestine is Gaza and West Bank.​

The Peace talks and all these so-called efforts are an attempt to bring the Palestinians to surrender. But, the Palestinians will not surrender. And Palestinians will not go away.

It is extremely important to realize: Hamas is Not the problem.

Gaza is Not the problem. 

The Rockets are Not the problem.

Zionism & Israel are the problem.

Zionism is a racist, colonial, idea.

That’s why “Zionism has to go” is a true statement. 

This is what we need to focus on.

Hamas is an resistance organization.  It was established as a result of a  brutal Oppression and Occupation. This is something we have to start talking about without being afraid, he said.​

We have to understand, if anybody supports the state of Israel, you support the package, with all its baggage, he notes:

You support the racist laws,

You support the killing of innocent children because they are non-jews,

You support a State that has thousands of political prisoners, mass incarceration of people without charges.

The struggle today for the people of conscience is to End Zionism to Free Palestine and End the Occupation.

Just like Apartheid had to go for there to be justice for people of color in South Africa.

And Jim Crow had to go for there to be some sort of  justice for people of color here (in America).


Listen to this compelling and persuasive lecture by Miko Peled, in Austin Texas, on 19 August 2014



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