Bilderberg’s New World Order plot hits Iran-Russia-China wall

Bilderberg 2014: Global leaders converge for the 60th annual ‘secret’ summit
Bilderberg 2014: Global leaders converge for the 60th annual ‘secret’ summit – The Daily Telegraph
Bilderberg 2014: Global leaders converge for the 60th annual ‘secret’ summit – The Daily Telegraph

by Debbie Menon

Here’s the Bilderberg Report for 2009 turned out by AFP, exposing the Bilderbergers and Bohemian Club members for the traitors, criminals and conspirators which they are under the laws of many of their own countries including, if not especially, The United States.

It is not only thorough, it is beautifully written.

AFP provides a neat little side-bar which describes just “what’s a Bilderberger?”

AFP Sneaks You Past Security for an Exclusive Inside Glimpse …

For those who might not know too much about the Bilderbergers, it was founded in 1954, it takes its name from its first venue, the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands. The Bilderberg group is careful to suppress any serious discussion of its efforts to shape the course of global events. No minutes are taken nor press conferences held. Attendees in the past have included heads of state :Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Angela Merkel, and even Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Alan Greenspan.

Note also the interesting list of 2014 attendees! Keith Alexander, the former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc., Edward M. Balls – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Osborne, George Chancellor of the Exchequer, Robert B. Zoellick – Chairman, Board of International Advisors – The Goldman Sachs Group, Christine Lagarde – Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Benoît Coeuré – Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank, Li, Cheng Director, John L.Thornton – China Center -The Brookings Institution, Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chair – Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury, Mundie, Craig J. Senior Advisor to the CEO, Microsoft Corporation, Murray, Charles A. W.H. Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Petraeus, David H. Chairman, KKR Global Institute, Philip M. Breedlove – Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Secretary General, NATO, to name just a few.

Author, journalist and activist Kevin Barrett briefly highlights what the Bilderbergers are up to and some of their concerns in 2014:

Every year, the world’s most powerful people meet in secret. Their agenda: total world domination. Big media observe a near-total blackout.

by Dr. Kevin Barrett

It sounds like dystopian science fiction, or a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare.

The strangest part is that it’s true. The 2011 destabilization of Syria, the 9/11/2008 Goldman-Sachs-led controlled demolition of the world economy, and probably even the 9/11 false flag events were all plotted or okayed by the Bilderbergers.

Fortunately, the world is fighting back. The rise of the internet-based alternative media has shredded the secrecy surrounding the annual Bilderberg conference, allowing the people a glimpse of what their masters have in store for them. And the nations resisting the Bilderbergers’ world takeover attempt, led by Iran, Russia and China, are gaining ground.

That is why this year’s Bilderberg conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, which ended on June 1st, was an exercise in damage control.
The Bilderbergers’ first concern, according to journalist Daniel Estulin, is the rise of Iran, Russia and China. The gas deal between Russia and China – and Iran and Russia’s successful defense of Syria against NATO-led aggression – have raised grave questions about whether the Bilderberg-led West can continue its world-domination scheme.

Form right: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a security conference in Shanghai, China, May, 2014.
From right: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a security conference in Shanghai, China, May, 2014.

May 2014 brought bad news for the Bilderbergers. Russia, stung by NATO skullduggery in Ukraine, announced that it is spearheading a new Eurasian Economic Union. Meanwhile, China has just called for an Asian Security Alliance that would include Russia and Iran. All of this, on top of the Russia-China gas pipeline deal, suggests that the world is spinning out of the Bilderbergers’ control.

In response to these setbacks, the Bilderbergers are contemplating a “grand bargain” with Iran.

They recognize that the West’s Zionist-driven economic sanctions have failed. The sanctions have simply led to Iran trading with China and Russia rather than the West.

Ending the sanctions could set off an economic boom in Iran, allowing the West to share in the profits.

A “grand bargain” could help situate Iran as an independent third party rather than a full-fledged fire-breathing member of the new Eurasian anti-West alliance. This could represent a big win for Tehran, turning it into world’s-most-courted debutante. It would signal the West’s belated acceptance of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, and put an end to the bullying, threats, and violence that have characterized the West’s policy toward Iran since 1979.

Daniel Estulin (born in Vilnius, Lithuania) is an author and public speaker whose main interest is the Bilderberg Group
Daniel Estulin (born in Vilnius, Lithuania) is an author and public speaker whose main interest is the Bilderberg Group

The Bilderbergers’ next concern, according to Estulin, is the rise of anti-EU sentiment in Europe. The success of nationalist parties in the recent European Parliamentary elections represents a direct challenge to the Bilderbergers’ long-term vision of a US-EU alliance ushering in the New World Order.

Estulin’s source says the Bilderbergers put this item on their agenda even before the recent EU elections. He says the New World Order elite is worried that “a nationally driven and divided Europe would be reluctant to take globalization for granted.”

Indeed, the EU’s destruction of national sovereignty is supposed to be the model for what is in store for the whole world. If the EU sputters and dies, the dream of an American-European-Zionist New World Order dies with it.

The Bilderbergers are also worried about the blowback from Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying. They are worried that American and especially European citizens will demand privacy protections that will impede the NSA’s “total information awareness.” (The NSA is the all-seeing-eye at the top of the New World Order pyramid depicted on the US dollar bill.) The Bilderbergers discussed strategies for defeating the privacy-rights advocates and continuing their progress towards a world in which everyone and everything is under total, permanent surveillance. They recently gained a small victory by limiting a German investigation into NSA surveillance and blackmail of that nation’s leaders.

The most disconcerting and ominous item on this year’s Bilderberg agenda was a forum on criticisms of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Daniel Estulin quotes the Bilderbergers:

“Critics of the US president blame him for betraying America’s leadership overseas, citing failures to defend American interests in Syria and lately in Ukraine. Obama’s newly announced doctrine calls on scaling down reliance on military force and using diplomacy and collective action instead. Bilderberg members will discuss whether this policy is doomed.”

Neocons to blame for Iraq warTranslation: The neoconservative architects of 9/11 and the 9/11 wars are disappointed that Obama refused to bomb Syria, attack Iran, and go to war with Russia over Crimea. They also believe that the US may have to attack China to prevent that nation’s rise to world’s-leading-superpower status. 

These fanatics are willing to risk World War III in a desperate attempt to prevent the world from going multi-polar.

Some are Hobbesians who believe the world needs a “sovereign” (a sole superpower, namely US-NATO) to prevent global anarchy; others are Zionist freemasons determined to establish a one world government with its capital in Occupied Jerusalem.

If these people get their way, the future of the world will be nasty, brutish, and short.

So now, thanks to people like Daniel Estulin and his sources, we know what topics the Bilderbergers discussed this year. But we do not know what decisions were taken.

Will the Bilderbergers opt for a gradual, peaceful transition to a multi-polar world by making peace with Iran and refraining from excessive aggression towards Russia and China? Or will they give the nod to the neocons, who will then set off a huge 9/11-style false flag attack to launch the next round of bloody imperial conquest?

The neocons easily fooled the world on September 11th, 2001. At that time, the expression “false flag attack” had not yet entered the world’s vocabulary.

Today, false flag awareness is at an all-time high. Whenever a spectacular “terrorist” event happens, whether it is the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook shooting, or the chemical weapons attack at al-Ghoutha, Syria, the first question on many people’s minds is: Could this be another false flag?

Non-corporate media outlets such as Press TV, Veterans Today, Russia Today, Global Research, Infowars, WhatReallyHappened, CitizensForLegitimateGovernment, TruthJihadRadio and others have helped popularize the term “false flag.” Thanks to the independent media, millions of people have heard of Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, the Lavon Affair, Operation Cyanide, and the 46 drills of 9/11.

So if the Bilderbergers opt for another huge false flag, they will have to take down the internet. The obvious way to do that would be through a “cyber-9/11.”

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt attended this controversial ‘secretive’ summit (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt attended this controversial ‘secretive’ summit (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Did the secret Central Committee of the Bilderberg Group just authorize a massive cyber-9/11? Or have they opted for kinder, gentler tactics this year?

To find out, stay tuned to the alternative media…while you can.

Source: Press TV

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  1. Full marks to Daniel Estulin for providing the information on this radical group.

    Hittiing a’ BRICS wall’ as per Allen Roland above, seems to be the case, a situation that could also take Iran off the Israel target list with the subservient US doing the heavy lifting. (Israelis don’t lift as we all know. Killing unarmed women and children, that’s their forte).
    All they have to do is to join. I will gladly contribute to the joining fee. It may be be one small step to avoid an Israel-induced ‘false flag’ war.

    It is safe to say that the world is getting smaller thanks to communications, both for good purpose and for bad such as NSA, the world’s #1 electronic spy, approved by Obama. Therefore the ability of nasty groups such as the Bilderbergers to run their business without public awareness must be diminishing somewhat. An ever-present danger. But then, other that the readers on these pages, who seems to know or even further, care.

    To most people, Bilderberg is probably thought to be a holey, bad smelling cheese. Holey (holy) most definitely not; cheese, no: but bad smelling, yes.

  2. A prominent member of this evil group is Christine Lagarde by virtue of the influence she wields in the IMF on those countries who need the services of this group. Bilderberg objectives always the only objective, I feel sure.

    We have already seen the results of financial pressures on the smaller countries in Europe, some of which are now the most outspoken when it comes to the possible breakdown of the EEC. The recent success in the elections of supporters of smaller government is an indication of this. All we have to do now is to keep them from falling prey to the other alternative, the hated Zionists, hiding everywhere, many of whom are part of the Bilderbergers. It is right up their alley.

    An example is the UKIP story which started off so well but is now fully embracing the Israel philosophies based on bribery and corruption, such practices having worked so well for UK, Canada, Australia and on it goes.

    Did you know that Australia is now the only country outside of Israel that has dropped the word ‘occupied’ in referring to the Palestinian OCCUPIED territories. How’s that for 5% of Zionist sycophants speaking for a whole ‘nanny’ country, now the perfect climate for such Jewish political donations. Let me explain. When you have a country sporting two main parties (as in most countries) with the balance of power remaining with the splintered little members, it makes them VERY important indeed. So the big boys, Labor and Conservative in the UK, Labor and Liberal Coalition in Australia need to outspend the others.

    This then is the climate for the corruption that is the bailiwick of Jews since time immemorial, the best recent example is UKIP, once independent in thought, now embracing all that is wrong with world politics. Nigel Farage could have been whatever he wanted to be, but not now. He sold out, as with Millibrand, as with Cameron.

    So further from anyone’s thoughts a decade ago, the aspirations of China and Russia to re-write world power must be seen by a great many as a positive, forward step. The difference? They are doing it through partnership, trade, building up power ‘safety’ blocs such as BRICS which now appear to be the only factor saving places like Syria and Ukraine (in a slightly different way) from becoming targets for US hegemony and bloody mass murder. The food of Bilderberg thinking. Collateral damage?
    For them everyone but a Bilderberg thinker becomes collateral damage.

    Humanity? Not a consideration.

    Well written, Kevin Barrett. Thanks for keeping such information in front of the insouciant world. Informed writers knowing of these these self-absorbed demons planning as they are to mould the world as only they want it to be, need to keep their actions well known to all until the time comes when a Bilderberger questions the possible risks involved in attending one of their meetings, ever again.

    Now that would be progress. Add the US neocons to that list, still walking the streets of America with no threat of indictment in the air. Situation normal.

  3. “Bilderberg”, holds so much sinister suggestion. Problem is, the sadsacks that play ‘Bilderberg’ are not contributors to our shared humanity. Problem numero duo, these freaks hold way too much wealth that not one of them earned. Not in any “fair play” sense. I mean, Gates? Gates is a world class dumb ass and could not earn a living on his own come hell nor high water. However Gates is a pretty fair thief. Hmmm, that would apply to any if not all the “Bilderbergers.

    When the dust settles after coup d’état Ukraine and various “Bilderberg” plots are exposed to the light of day, the vampire squids will wilt and wither into obscurity.

  4. Great column, Dr. Barrett. Interesting to note that the Rogues Gallery of people who got us into the Iraq War, and the list of US officials and private sector US attendees at the 2014 Bilderberg Conference, have something in common. They are almost all dual citizen Israeli/Americans, US born Israel Firsters, and dedicated Zionists.

    Despite their apparent opposition to NWO schemers, both China and Russia are constrained by having Rothschild style central banks that issue debt as money. Controlling the opposition by financing all sides of any potential conflict has long been a standard Rothschild practice. It was certainly done during the Napoleonic Wars, and proably began much earlier. Moneylenders have always made sure that no matter what happens they, at least some of them, will always be on the winning side.