US, Israel, Saudi Arabia real Axis of Evil


The United States has been partnered with terrorists for decades. ‘Al-Qaeda’ is a term that is used to refer to really hired mercenaries.



These hired mercenaries have been working out throughout the entire Middle East and Africa for the Americans, the British, the Saudi Arabians, the Israelis, just in droves of murderous activities.

Twenty five million people alone have been murdered in the last half century by the Western policies that have used these types of mercenaries. They used to be referred to as the French foreign legion; they have been referred to as many other hired guns.

Lebanon car bombs

Lebanon seizes bomb-laden car days after 27 killed in Beirut attack

The United States is using mercenaries in Iraq from Uganda, from Peru, from Chile; they are paying these poor children 500 to 1000 dollars a month and they are basically fighting a war that the Americans should not have ever started in the first place.

Every single mercenary, every single weapon that Assad has had to deal with in the last two years have come from those players including France. This is an alliance; this axis of evil, if you want to call that, it is an alliance of individuals that are attacking other countries unprovokingly trying to take them over and disrupt them.

Well, the United States has been sharing common interest with the British and the Arabian Peninsula as well as Iraq and Iran for nearly a century when it comes to the petroleum industry.

These petroleum interests have had a major impact on the policies of the American governments, British governments, Israeli governments and Saudi governments. Obviously, when the Iranians took over their oil assets just like Venezuela, they became part of the enemy but the fact remains that these assets still belong to them and the banks that do really run this country are the ones that are putting the lives in danger of the United States military.

I respect the fact that in his mind and in our minds, as military soldiers, we did believe that we were doing the right thing but unfortunately we were being misguided and we were being pushed into wars and being pushed into situations where we were being basically misled and lied to about the actual scenarios.

Being in the intelligence community, I saw that very clearly in the 80s and that is one of the reasons I left under no uncertain terms. We were turning states evidence against the United States government because of the war crimes, because of the actual criminal activity with money laundering, drug running, arms running.

You know, these types of things are not acceptable and these are the lot of the things that are driving a lot of these wars not the good things that Fredrick Peterson has been led to believe and unfortunately his access to information was not very honest.

That is extremely naïve. The fact that remains is that the oil assets in the economy is not the root of the problem; it is just the symptom and you have to take a very close look at who is really running this nation and the kinds of initiatives that we are being put at risk for; it is not just petroleum.

It is finance; these are war machines that are making tons of money for a lot of people; these are people that have been in charge and they do not have to look behind a lot of rocks to find these things. You just need to do a research and find out who is making the money; where the money is going to and how long have they really been in charge and petroleum is just one of the commodities that they are dealing with.

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  1. One could add to this Axis the names of the UK, (Agents Cameron and Hague) and France, colonialist dreams never having ever been extinguished. They just cannot help it. If there is a buck to be made from selling some military hardware, or using the low cost of labour as in South Africa to make a killing or to influence a government to do something they need, they are the kings. They have taught the US all they know.

    So the big deal these days is a combination in Europe of all five. All coordinated by NATO, the angry, arrogant terrorist organisation having no purpose in life if they don’t have a war they can start and win, Libya being a recent classic. Was that a win? Another fragmented middle eastern country, Israel’s objective clearly.

    The US, with NATO as their European battle Headquarters where they can pull the strings, to fight the dirty fights without appearing as though they are involved. How would anyone know. The uniforms are entirely different.
    Subterfuge is the name of the game. Please keep this a secret as it’s supposed to be European

    Then there is Saudi, friend of American Presidents since time began, all corrupted by the big dollar, the influence they wield is well known and again, they don’t even cut themselves shaving. That’s what the US is for, to pick up the pieces, to make it all happen. They give advice and the dollars made it happen. And what a military customer. ………
    Aircraft, ships, tanks, bombs, all the hardware that the US produces. Always available to ‘friends’.
    Available at a special price for the big oilers. Yes, the US military industrialists will take a check from Saudi, gladly, and do so, often.

    Now that sounds like Israel as well. The difference being that Israel gets all those things at no cost as America’s ‘best friend’ when it suits them, paid for by US dollars that come from the US and then back they go to the US. It is a vicious circle. Still they do control Washington. Ask Obama.

    It does make one wonder when the American people are going to ever wake to the fact that they are providing the fodder for most of the guns in the world, but are seldom the beneficiaries. Look at Iraq, 4,000, count the deaths in Afghanistan 2,000 and just last month, 1,000 deaths from bombs in Iraq. The war that ended some time ago is still in progress. Still, at least the troops have moved on to better things. Where to next is the big question? Check with Head Office in Tel Aviv.
    Now for the USA, Iraq was a good war, well justified and complying to all the best principles and traditions. That is, lies, lies and more lies. But as the US Generals always say as they add up the US casualties, ‘who is really counting’? Let’s call it “collateral damage”. That’s always a good one.

    Perhaps the veterans organisations are counting, but they do not pay the bills, barely able to get medical attention from their own government who either can’t afford it or need the money to support destitute little Israel, always down to its last billion or so.

    But as a lobby group, the Vets are splintered and therefore do not speak with one voice. Sad, because they could be so powerful. Make a real difference. If they wanted, they would stand in the lobbies of all the Washington buildings as VETS, medals, badges and artificial limbs and canvas the corrupt politicians for a commitment to America, America first and only. Publicise the results. Make the people know who is and who isn’t committed to his/her country. There has to be one honest newspaper in America who would print the result. Surely there is one? Is patriotism alive and well in the corridors of America, or not. The American people should know……. they’d probably like to know. They’ll never read in the media at the moment.

    Alternatively, just keep doing what they’ve been doing for years. Same old, same old. Fighting the endless on-going battle with the VA. Perhaps a win here, bad decision there and all the while, the US gets strangled further by a parasitic cancer. Not much there to cheer the spirit.

    Is there anything that is so devious as a group of evil countries, five in all, bent on their own self interests while the veterans who have carried the flag, fight for some care and recognition?

    When one of these countries is your country, where do you go from there?

  2. I personally find it hard to discern when the last conflict was fought with any honour or integrity against a foe waging war of aggression and where our countries responded and dealt with the matter then went home leaving behind a better place for having gone there? My father from 1949 to 1971 was in the Royal Navy, with 2 years in Malaya with 40 Commando Royal Marines, he never had any doubts about his contribution, he always said he was an instrument of state policy and politics, even though he was a medic, he knew he was taking the Queens shilling and was not informed of the big picture. He was fortunate he could see the fruits of his labours, sick people nursed back to health, injured mates helped, fixed and back on deck where they wanted to be. These days the honour of fighting men and women is not reflected across the organisation as much as they are diluted down to individual acts of courage and doing the right thing, military people have had the honour of their profession bastardised by the politicians and corporations who profit from endless wars and that is a shame.
    So many young men and women are coming out of the services disillusioned and let down by their superiors who are facilitating wars for profit not wars that are righteous or justified. Any veterans here know how to reverse this trend and restore the military to its rightful place as ambassadors of fairness and freedom from tyranny?