U.S. President Barack Obama (L) shakes hands with former U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) (R) during a personnel announcement in the East Room at the White House, on January 7, 2013 in Washington, DC. Obama has nominated Hagel for the next Secretary of Defense. Image : Zimbio

The American people, are witnessing for the first time perhaps what powers are, and have long been, at play to prevent their government from pursuing the best and the most logical course of action when it comes to formulating foreign policies in that hot spot on the globe.



by Kam Zarrabi


Democrats opposed to Hagel Nomination — Charles Schumer & Ben Cardin

Whether Chuck Hagel’s nomination as the new Defense Secretary gets through the Senate confirmation process in spite of wholesale opposition by the Republicans and even some high profile Democratic Senators like Chuck Schumer and Ben Cardin (both Jewish Zionists, of course), the fact that the President has chosen him is a strong enough signal that change is on the way in the Administration’s foreign policies.


After all, it is the President that makes the policies regardless of who is appointed as the front man.

So, the signal has been sent. And what’s more, the objections against Hagel’s nomination sounded off by hard-core neocons and, above all, by the Zionist cabal in the Congress and the media questioning his pro-Israel and anti-Iran credentials are equally significant. Significant, because by nominating Chuck Hagel, President Obama has masterfully put on public display the unhealthy, almost seditious, attitude of influence peddlers who are willing to put America’s own national interests in jeopardy to serve their puppeteers.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Mr. Hagel apologize, tongue-in-cheek, of course, for his honest and true statements he had made a decade ago, that he was a United States Senator and not an Israeli Senator, or that jumping into another war in the Middle East (against Iran, this time) would not serve America’s best interests, and that he would prefer direct, unconditional negotiations with the Iranians.

The American people, however, are witnessing for the first time perhaps what powers are, and have long been, at play to prevent their government from pursuing the best and the most logical course of action when it comes to formulating foreign policies in that hot spot on the globe.

Regardless of any apologies for his past positions, or reaffirmation of his commitment for an unconditional support for Israel or to maintain the pressure on the Iranian regime, the American people are smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall: a sea change is underway in Obama’s second and final term in office as the President of these United States of America.
It is about time, Mr. President.

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4 Responses to "YES, THE TIDE IS SHIFTING"

  1. rexw  January 8, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    The proven liar, Elliott Abrams wrote in his book ‘Faith or Fear’ (1997)……..

    “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart–except in Israel–from the rest of the population….”

    Firstly, based on the above, I am now proud to be seen as an anti-Semite. If Abrams and his ilk are Semites, then I am definitely an anti-Semite. So, if Abraham Foxman of the ill-famed Anti-Defamation League, yet another Jewish front, kindly advises me of his email address on these pages, I will advise him where I can be contacted.
    Come and get me, Abe. Best bring in Abrams at the same time though as he has been defaming everyone else in the world, except Jews, by the above dogma, seemingly by which he exists.

    “Stand apart” , indeed

    What is, one is tempted to ask, the equivalent to an anti Semite for decent Jewish people, those genuine Jews who are prepared to accept the US as theirs, are justly assimilated people going about their business and visiting the synagogue and who have seen their Jewishness as just another religion. Their religion. BUT they are Americans, no question about that. They made and still make their contribution to American life without favour and voted in the US, payed taxes in the US, just one passport, lived and joined the rest of the normal people in the US, fought in US military dalliances when required. These people, do not accept the quotation above from the Iran-Contra liar, Abrams, who endeavours to place them above the rest of us.
    They do not see it that way and there are thousands of them, thousands. Good, decent people.

    Abrams. Arrogant or stupid….or both? Whatever. A danger to the United States.

    Who is this proven liar? Now some sort of jumped-up luminary at the Council on Foreign Relations, just another Jewish lobby group, one of hundreds thick on the ground in the US. A person of little consequence, who has been on the payroll of the US for years, his record of evil deeds in South America now following him wherever he goes.
    The widows in that part of the world will not forget this man, ever.

    So people like Abrams, Schumer, Cantor, Lieberman, Kristol, Ros Lehtinem, the Neocon fifth columnists, yes, sadly all Jews, can tally up over two million civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan while dangling the feckless Bush on a string, before which we saw sanctions kill 500,000 children, the same sanctions now being applied to Iran and North Korea, previously Cuba for FORTY years. It is endemic to US foreign policy, supported by the Zionists of America as they “stand apart” from the common rabble and weave their awful deeds, for their own ends.

    Hopefully, the likes of Chuck Hagel can go a long way to changing this inhumane sanctions policy. The tide is turning and no collection of self-serving unpatriotic Zionists should be able to stop it, now or ever.

    Why should any real American like Hagel have to front such a group of people like the current US Senators or even worse, US Congress members, corrupt and compromised beyond belief.

    These Zionists have a proud record. How many Zionists who worship the “covenant between God and Abraham” have put their bodies on the line to save the US from whatever it is they always seem to be fighting for these days?
    NONE. You can count on it! Rather, they get themselves involved in planning these wars that have killed 6,000 US soldiers since Bush’s legacy of “shock and awe” in Iraq.

    So now you know. The Jews ‘stand apart’ from the nation in which they live, using it for their ends as they seem to use everything that comes within their orbit. The real US people tolerate these misfits who are in no way patriots, are not dedicated Americans but who, by being ‘apart’ from the nation, run counter to all the basic objectives of the US and its people.

    Why are they tolerated at all? Why do the voters keep sending them back to the Congress and the Senate? These ‘representatives’, stooges for Israel, now blindly do the bidding of those that “stand apart”.

    If ever there was a statement that condemns Jews as a race, it is this quote from Abrams

    • DaveE  January 9, 2013 at 5:08 pm

      Well said, Rex. They’re GOIN ‘ DOWN and ya’ know what? We’re going to ENJOY it. The Earth needs an enema.

  2. Rufus Peterson  January 8, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    @Dave- Hey, Seymour Hersh’s Samson Option tackles that question from a Zio viewpoint as per 1980 something, but you may well have read that by now. It’s not a hard book to find either- I’ve seen it in thrift stores at least twice.

    Imagine maybe 30 yrs or so from now Israel may be a repeat of what we are seeing in Syria today. That’s when they’d be pulling the plug. Then they won’t be bothering to blame it on anyone as they’ll be past that need.

    Zarrabi wrote an eloquent article which is in effect the writing on the wall. Problem is that too many Americans have poor writing skills, so to speak.

  3. DaveE  January 8, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Israel is definitely isolated, a situation the Jews will not tolerate. The only question is how many false flag attacks will the Israelites set up in order to a.) disarm us b.) arrest us and throw us in their concentration camps c.) destroy us altogether

    Since it’s looking like Dianne Feinstein won’t be able to disarm us and the concentration camps are not big enough for all the people who want to see the Jews brought to justice, I’m thinking c.) is their next move.

    Probably a huge nuclear-powered tsunami off the coast of NY or LA, to be blamed on a “rogue” asteroid.

    Oh, how clever those “chosen ones” are. At least when it comes to lying and killing.

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