Artificial Intelligence Defines the Political News Narrative

Understanding the reasons why mainstream political accounts express such a disconnect from facts, evidence and believability is compounded by the techniques of programmed reporting...

Wolf Country Gazette — Ain’t it Great!

In nature, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right, something is wrong. -- Addition to Murphy's Laws My Russian contacts and the...

Putin’s Grand Bargain to Israel: Can Israel Digest It?

Israel has now had a taste of President Putin’s ‘stick’: Your air superiority in the North has just been punctured by the Syrian air defences. You, Israel, will lose it completely were our Russian S400s air defences to be enabled: ‘Think it over’.

Jim Mattis refutes the “Fake News” of Israel and NATO

For the first time, a practicing Secretary of Defense has denounced the ongoing lies of Israel, its own administration and NATO.



The Italian Job: ‘unlikely’ alliance could become reality

As Italy's traditional parties scramble to rise from the debris, two extremes – populist Five Star and far-right Lega – may eye coalition

South Africa Demise of White Heritage

The self-hatred and false guilt that underpins so many indoctrinated Caucasian race fools, who have zero understanding of the real history of civilization, are...

No Hell for Pope Francis

Once again, Pope Francis the False Prophet is at it again. Frankie the Fake symbolizes the betrayal of Christendom and the sacred teachings of Jesus Christ. He is...

Russia, Russia, Russia: America’s Theater of the Absurd

It may have been aimed at Trump to start, but it's become a way of targeting all dissent.

WW II Docudrama Film “A Voice from Mauthausen” getting rave reviews

A powerful World War II film


He had a little truth; He held it with his might. A little, shining thing To get him through the night.Someone with wider eyes Showed him a bigger...

Jeff Sessions the Mr. Magoo Buffoon

Oh, Magoo, you've done it again! "I have a vision problem today can't see myself doing much." Such would be a very good motto for Jeff Sessions.


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