Tariffs Defeat Globalists and Return Prosperity

The corporate media lapdogs are economic illiterates. Their continuous preaching on imaginary virtues of 'FREE TRADE', which is a non sequitur used to rationalize...

Blundering Into Iran – Philip Giraldi

Countering an assumed Iranian threat that is no threat at all and triggering a catastrophic war would be a major mistake that would lead to a breakdown in the current political alignment of the entire Middle East. And it would be costly for the United States.

Jim Mattis refutes the “Fake News” of Israel and NATO

For the first time, a practicing Secretary of Defense has denounced the ongoing lies of Israel, its own administration and NATO.

Russian-Turkish axis in Syria faces meltdown

With suspicions running high that the nominal allies drew each other's blood on February 3, Ankara may well seek a modus vivendi with the US



Turkey plays its latest card in the New Great Game –...

Sochi, not Geneva, is the forum where the endgame for the Syrian proxy war will be decided.

Nunes: FBI and DOJ Perps Could be Put on Trial

“The reason Congress exists is to oversee these agencies that we created.”

The Prisoner Promised Land

WW II Docudrama Film “A Voice from Mauthausen” getting rave reviews

A powerful World War II film


He had a little truth; He held it with his might. A little, shining thing To get him through the night. Someone with wider eyes Showed him a bigger...

Robert Parry Has Passed Away

24 Jun 1949 – 27 Jan 2018. I rather doubt that we'll hear very much about the passing of Robert Parry; a fine man, on our Fake News Media. Let us remember and carry the torch.

Trump’s tax bill is besieging workers — with cash

If this is Armageddon, I say bring it on!

Mike Whitney: Did Trump Cut a Deal on the “Collusion” Charge?

All of these questions need to be answered in order to clear the air, hold the guilty parties accountable and restore confidence in the government.


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