Charlottesville: Myths & Questions; Fake History and Deeper Thinking

CHARLOTTESVILLE: MYTHS & QUESTIONS; FAKE HISTORY; AND GOING DEEPER By Gary Corseri I think there are many questions that surround the incident in Charlottesville…, but our media, our “historians,” and too many academicians fix or fixate on one line of questioning or inquiry.  Then, they “stick to their guns,” shut off further investigation, further probing. […]


Dogs By Gary Corseri Dogs live in a world of smells— succulent, sensual: a melange of sexuality–known and unknown, friendly and prohibitive.   They’re color-blind, love blindly, lead the blind (when so inclined).   Dogs live in the world of Now—leaping catching frisbees, canines gripping, tail-wagging; or—snarling, menacing, loyal to a fault—and faultlessly alert to […]

The Whore Named War

THE WHORE NAMED WAR By Gary Corseri    The Whore named War lassoed the President, let him lay in lascivious arms;   while the Ministers and the Secretary and the People gawked in violaceous light she made them come over and over and over.   Though they hated her runny-mascara, caking-rouge mawkish montage, they loved […]

Now Float Me Down….

During our recent “celebration” of Memorial Day, I heard the rumblings of muscular motorcycles outside my window, on the streets below my apartment in Washington, D.C. There seemed to be many such displays in public places or on TV. A former judge in my apartment building told me about “festivities” taking place at the Kennedy […]

“Me and My Shadow Drone”

“Me and My Shadow-Drone” By Gary Corseri   Me and my Shadow-Drone went “walking” down the lane.   “If you wouldn’t mind,” I told the Drone, “I’d really like to be alone….”   “Computing…,” said the Drone— making some computer noise– “You are unhappy with our present arrangement?”   (There was just enough of the […]

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