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What Trump has done his first 30 days vs. what Hillary probably would have done

President Trump certainly has his hands full with an antagonistic media to overcome

President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on ‘fake media’ Friday morning, blasting reporters.

by Jack Hellner

American Thinker

We know what Trump has done in his first month.  We can only guess what Hillary would have done.  Here is a short list:

Trump has:

Started enforcing immigration laws that Congress passed, including building the wall.  Started telling the sanctuary cities to abide by the laws of the land.

Tried to seriously vet refugees from seven countries that the Obama administration said were the biggest sources of terrorists.

Began reversing some of Obama’s executive orders.

Frozen federal employees’ salaries.

Moved to roll back regulations on the private sector.

Issued an order to end the fine for people who cannot buy expensive health care insurance policies dictated by Obamacare.  Began work to restore freedom of choice on health care.

Put sanctions on Iran after they clearly violated a U.N. resolution.

Began work on lowering taxes for corporations and individuals.

Nominated people for Cabinet position who have a history of achievement in business and the private sector.

Met with diverse corporate leaders, union officials, black community leaders, and others.  It appears he will meet with all who are willing to come.  He obviously doesn’t care if they ever supported him for president.

Nominated a judge for the Supreme Court who looks as though he will abide by the Constitution to enforce laws, not make laws.

Negotiated with Boeing and Lockheed to lower costs on large contracts.

Brought coal company workers to the White House to announce he would save thousands of their jobs.

Scrapped the massively complicated Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Approved the building of two environmentally cleared energy pipelines.

Had a freewheeling news conference.

(The media, of course, say the Trump administration is chaotic.  Can anyone imagine how productive Trump would be if Democrats, the media, and judges weren’t so obstructive?)

By contrast, Hillary most likely would have:

Hired scandal-plagued loyalists such as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills as a first priority and set up a private server.

Continued to ignore existing immigration laws and allow sanctuary cities to do what they want.  Although she voted for the wall, she and other Democrats hardly meant it.

Allowed refugees to pour in and then pretended to seriously review applications.

Expanded issuance of new regulations.

Certainly wouldn’t have frozen federal salaries that are already much higher than the private sector, including benefits.

Let Obamacare continue to collapse under its own weight and, as it did, declared that the only solution is government-run health care.  Hillary, the Democrats, and the media continue to want to take freedom of choice away from Americans on health care.

Looked the other way, as Obama did, when Iran violated U.N. sanctions.  Approved the sale of more U.S. uranium to Iran from Russia.  Paid more ransom to Iran.

Begun work on raising taxes for individuals and corporations.

Nominated people with no private-sector experience, just as Obama did.

Met with union leaders, hedge fund financier George Soros, and other people who will pay her husband, Bill, $250,000 or more for short speeches.

Nominated a person for the Supreme Court who would rule in favor of whatever Democrats like.

Continued to pay Boeing and Lockheed inflated prices.

Continued the goal of bankrupting coal companies.

May have backed out of TPP but had previously said it was the gold standard for trade agreements, even though she, like most other people, had no idea what was in it.

Continued to block pipelines for no apparent reason other than to appease special interest groups.

Had a news conference with pre-screened, scripted media questions and answers, just as she did during the presidential debates.

Hillary’s main goal would remain the same as it has throughout her adult life: to enrich herself and her family through her use of political power.

Thankfully, we now have a president who wants to give power, freedom, and money back to the people instead of continue to expand the power of the massive government.  President Trump certainly has his hands full with an antagonistic media to overcome – a group who obviously want the government to get bigger and have been willing to look the other way no matter what Obama and Hillary said or did.

Yet Trump has done a lot in his first 30 days despite the obstruction of the Democrats, the courts, and the media.  His approval rating by Rasmussen is now at 55%, and 45% now think the country is heading in the right direction (up around 15% from before the election).  Of course, those numbers are never reported, because facts just don’t matter when the media have a president and an agenda to destroy.

Trump should also get credit for the drought ending in California, despite having nothing to do with it.  After all, the media and Obama himself gave Obama credit for ending the recession in 2009, just 130 days after he took office, so it would seem only fair.

I have an easy question for scientists, the media, Democrats, professors, and Hollywood: since you blame humans and fossil fuels for the drought in California, what caused it to end?  I heard on CBS radio news this morning that drought conditions have lessened, and they gave the reason that there was more precipitation.  What deep thinkers they are!

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