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George Galloway: Free Palestine


George Galloway Speaking in Vancouver, British Columbia :

The Palestinians are the victims of one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century now bleeding into the 21st century, he notes.

Israel has broken more U.N. Security Council Resolutions than all the other countries of the World combined. They have broken more international law than all the countries of the world put together.
The Palestinians who are the victims of terrorism are called the terrorists, and the Israelis who are the ‘Terrorists’ are referred to as the victims by Zionist-controlled politicians and Zionist-controlled media in the West. 



George Galloway: Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech from working TV on Vimeo.



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2 Responses to "George Galloway: Free Palestine"

  1. Alwyn Scott Turner  November 1, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    …The Path of His Courage…

  2. Alwyn Scott Turner  November 1, 2013 at 9:07 pm


    The inspiration of George Galloway…is the passionate might of the trembling indignant voice that cries out as a brilliant beacon of light into the silent terrible darkness that has descended upon all of us —an inhumanity so cruel in demented nature being inflicted on everyone – everywhere – at this critical moment when all life on Planet Earth is being forced into the deep abyss of extinction – by the demented terrorism of Israel and the tyranny of the worldwide Jewish Conspiracy.
    It is George Galloway that speaks out with the loudest voice against the brutal military occupation of Palestine – and what he says – is also true of the impending Israeli military occupation of the United States and enslavement of the American People.

    We are all locked into the same momentum…watching as the greatest disaster in the history of the world unfolds before us – and we must move from the stillness of fear and join together as we ‘tremble with indignation’ and courage to confront the deceitful enemy of mankind.

    Galloway speaks out with instinctive humanity that all normal humans feel when faced by the savage crimes of arrogant beastial killers that murder and violate defenseless victims without mercy and vilify the innocent gentle souls that they torture.

    George is the real world’s ‘Great Leader’ – And this is his motto for the army of brave and valiant men that would follow his path of his courage:
    “The man who is not capable of trembling with indignation at the injustice visited upon anyone – anywhere- is not a man at all.”

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