Merlin Miller : Take Back America

Editor’s note: Merlin Miller talks about the USS Liberty, the movie “False Flag” in production, the fraudulent “War On Terror”, the need for American Freedom Party and an alliance of third parties to overcome the “Republicratic” federation.

Merlin discusses the need to expel Zionist officials from American government, the military, and the continuous wars for foreign interests.


Merlin Miller at Freedompalooza 2013…



The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!


Learn more about Americana-Pictures and Merlin Miller’s film “False Flag.”

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5 Comments for “Merlin Miller : Take Back America”

  1. This is 18 minutes of video and one would have to be highly motivated and dismayed at government behaviour everywhere to play this from beginning to end. It is a representation of a third voting option for Americans with all the right motivation for public support, even extolling the virtues of “may God bless America”.

    Well, God has not been good to America to date.

    Merlin Miller is anti-immigration, anti-government the way it is right now, openly against Jewish influence, anti-war and for American values, as they used to be. As such, he has my support and probably the support of all the readers of the articles to which I devote so much time.

    For too long there have been those who had the same ideas but lacked the one thing required to make such actions work effectively. Organisation. This may be the vehicle to do this if the active and dedicated workers for peace and rational thinking can combine their efforts. Now there is the rub. Can they? Will they?

    Some time ago, I tried to motivate the people with whom I share a common philosophy…humanists and other groups of anti-war activists to unite under a common banner to move our interests forward, being almost common in values.
    Success? Hardly. It was not of interest to any group to even consider such a move. Oh, they all thought it had merit but as for taking up the cudgels and spreading the word, no action.

    On an international level, I did try the same tack with those organisations that had an organised structure to share resources, share common themes in their writings and to beat the same drum. Yes?

    No. Not a single vote of support…..or even worse, any interest in taking it further. All too involved in their specific organisational activities. Such a pity. This initiative by Mr. Miller, therefore, doesn’t auger well.

    As I said, I do not like Mr. Miller’s chances to shake people from their apathy, now accepted as the norm, the middle classes effectively having no voice. But what he states on this rather long video has been stated by thousands on blog pages for years, starting with the most disgraceful act of perfidy in American history, the USS Liberty. As he said and I now repeat, most Americans have never even heard of it, a blatant example of Jewish control over America and the media. As I said, unforgiveable for a President of a country.
    Yes, it was Lyndon Johnson, a traitor by any measure. From the US media though, hardly a mention over 40 years.

    So if you find you have a spare 18 minutes, it is full of good sentiments. A third party option anywhere in the world would be a great asset there aswell. What we are seeing right now is a dearth of uncorrupted political talent, but instead a level of Zionist corruption almost equalling the US in most countries, with few parties or candidates deserving of any respect.

    This then is the fertile climate for the likes of Jews who, by their historical devious nature have since time immemorial exploited weakness and human frailty to expand their influence, not for the good of others, but for their own self-centred objectives.

    A party like the Merlin Miller sponsored group needs all the support it can muster.

    They have my vote

  2. They should also have the vote of anyone that thinks that the US is still able to recover from its plight.

    The ‘God bless America’ worries me somewhat, however. Does this blessing also apply to the Christian Zionists, the vocal Christian group under that Zionist, John Hagee? . Does it also apply to the group of 16 churches who as though awakening from a deep 66 year sleep recently appealed to the US government to stop supporting Israel. They somehow came to a conclusion after all this time that things were wrong in Palestine. Then we saw last week the Presbyterians who also came of age in the area of humanity and addressed the same matter.
    It must be the time of the year or a phase of the moon. .

    Give them time though. They will all crawl back into their little holes and defer to the almighty Jewish dollar and Palestine will just be a tempoary aberration, a bad dream.

    Haven’t heard much in the way of any further conviction from either of those Christians. Probably gone back into their deep sleep for another 66 years.

    As Basil Faulty from Faulty Towers once said….”don’t mention the Palestinians”

    However, if they can sratch up an 18 minutes and listen to what is being said in the video, they might come to the conclusion as so many will that it is almost too late that the US is currently undergoing palliative care until the big day comes, while the Jews resident in the US are ‘in the pink’.

    As well, people in other countries that may be experiencing the same intrusion by Zionists into their everyday life should see what they can do to emulate the activities of this US initiative, the American Freedom Party.

    Sounds good to me

  3. Mr. Miller.

    One has waited such a long time for someone to speak the truth. As you know, the ability to silence people in the US has turned into an art form, with the efforts of Abe Foxman and his ADL.
    I have often wondered while we have not seen seen an Anti-American League for the remaining 300 + millions of Americans who do not seen to enjoy the same activism on their behalf as does Foxman and his cronies.

    I saw something yesterday, before I heard this excellent video today and I though you may not be aware of the content of another response by rexw when he said….
    In particular….. “When a Democratic President can be seen looking lovingly into the eyes of someone like McCain, more right wing than Genghis Khan, you know that they are really all tarred with the same brush”

    Using that as an example, Mr. Miller, the world is your oyster. You have no competition.


  4. Lets do it. Why not? Veterans must unite. There has to be 30 million of us, maybe less maybe more. Mr. Miller talks the talk and I’d bet he walks the walk. I woke up in 2004 and learned of the USS Liberty in 2006. At that time I thought I was the only one that cared about 34 lost souls, Navy men at that. LBJ and McCain Sr should be tried for treason if you can do that for the dead, in my view.

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