Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She is Editor-in-Chief of Her main focus are the US-Mid-East Conflicts.

Her writing has been featured in several print and online publications in the Middle East.

Debbie is committed to exposing (AIPAC) the Israel Lobby's control of American policy for the Middle East; control which amounts to treason by the Zionist Lobbies in America and its stooges in Congress. It guarantees there can never be a peaceful resolution of the Middle East conflicts, only catastrophe for all in the region and the world.

Her focus is Israel’s drift towards greater oppression of the Palestinian people; the political deceptions and crisis in Syria and Ukraine; the cold hard facts about America’s so-called ‘war on terror’ and grim future; countering the propaganda war towards Iran & Russia and calling attention to, the new, developing, promising, strategic alliances as a consequence.

Debbie is committed to inform and educate the public on issues of the US/Middle East conflicts that are unreported, underreported, or distorted in the Zionist owned American Media. Her writing reflects the incredible resilience, almost superhuman steadfastness of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians, who are now facing the prospect of a final round of ethnic cleansing.

Informing and educating internet viewers seeking unfiltered information about real events on issues of the US/Middle East conflicts that are unreported, underreported, or distorted in the American media is a main focus for Debbie.

Looking at the current reality from a different and critical perspective, not to simply rehash the pro-US/Israel perspective, smoke and mirrors that has been allowed to utterly and completely dominate Mainstream discourse makes Debbie a committed light warrior for truth, liberty and justice for all.

PS: For those of her detractors that think she is being selective and even “one sided,” tough!. That is the point of her work! She chooses to present an alternative view and interpretation of the US-Israel-Middle East conflic, that has been completely ignored in mainstream discourse and denied the US public. O, and she is not Muslim or Palestinian and not married to one either! She is practicing Roman catholic so deal with it!

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The “Arab Spring” and the uprising against Brother Erdogan

What sounds too good to be true, usually is!


by Debbie Menon


The so-called “Revolutions” or “Arab Spring” as they are better known, looked good, sounded good, and were literally, too good to be true.  It was all scripted, planned and pre-packaged, and PR managed it very well.

Egypt was, and still is, ripe for a popular revolution. The only problem there is that every and anyone in Egypt who is in a position of control or leadership, belongs to Israel or is so dependent on the US and their various aid programs to pay the rent and put water in the swimming pool, that there was no one to lead the Revolution (Did I not mention early on that this “revolution” seemed strangely devoid of spokesmen or leadership?) 

Muhammad El-Baradei addressing protesters at Tahrir Square in Cairo on January 30, five days after protests started.

Most of the “spokesmen” we heard from were people standing in front of cameras with microphones or pedants sitting in London and New York, telling us what was “happening”.  These corrupted “leaders” include Omar Sulieman, all of the Generals and, yes, Herr El-Barradai!  (Soros’s Man in Cairo) Whatever their personal attitude, all of them are corrupted, bought and paid for, and not one of them his own man. 

Mubarak fell out of favor because he either would not or could not actively support a war with Iran. So, it was a case of replace him, if possible, with someone else who would or could do the job, or destroy Egypt as an effective and functional State.

Balkanizing Egypt was in the books eventually anyway in accordance with the Hertzl/Yinon plans and, although Egypt was helpful as a gatekeeper to Gaza and a stepping stone to Iran, it was not an essential element in their wars with Iran and Palestine.  So, in accordance with Israeli philosophy, if you cannot control it, destroy it. Either way, they win.

Allowing a mob reaction to occur, and designating it a “revolution” was risky!  But, not a risk beyond immediate recovery if anything had gone wrong. The tanks were there, and the smiling soldiers all had fully loaded ammo belts and magazines with which to blast the flowers out of the gun muzzles.

Which was all essential, because big, leaderless mobs and “revolutions” somehow have  a tendency to get out of control and some folks take them seriously.  But, without effective and organized leadership,  which must include a ready-made post-revolutionary plan and organization to immediately drop into place and fill the vacuum, install and establish a reform government, it would not stand a chance of success… and it did not. 

It  was a safe move to simply relax and “allow” a massive popular movement.  It took very little to encourage the mobs…  they were primed by 30 years of oppression and ready… just a few infiltrated “activists”and we had hundreds of thousands of disorganized cheerleaders out parading and shouting. 

The Army played an important role by showing up with flowers in the muzzles of their guns and friendly smiles on their faces  (but fully loaded ammo belts), as ordered.  How convenient, and how out of character for one of the most repressive Armies in the world!  Too good to be true!

If the new Government or whomever they install does not do the job, then pull American Military and civil Aid and payoffs out, and the entire state collapses and becomes just another dysfunctional, non-threatening Arab country without leadership or influence like Lebanon and Palestine.  Omar, El-Barradai, Hosni and all of the Generals move to Switzerland or Israel and retire.

Re-read Hertzl and Yinon

Think about this “Arab Spring” and the way it happened… think about the public relations aspect… how it was hyped in the MSM Press and Infotainment Industries and presented to the world. Me thinks Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, the Guardian, et al are all members of the team, with assigned tasks, or they are innocent dupes, “just doing our job, y’know!” Publishing WH Pressroom releases. Helen Thomas is not there anymore.

All the highest ideals of Democracy, wrapt up in the faces of all of those people in the crowd! The dreams and the hopes of all those newly-weds at the Egyptian protests! Remeber them ? Now, where in hell did they get, and how did  they manage all of that finery and those beautiful and innocent looking  newly-weds amidst all that chaos, fire and smoke?  This took some real doing, I can tell you!  And, no revolutionary in his right mind takes a virgin bride to a “revolution!”

Lady Liberty of the Nile!

Too good to be true!  It never had a chance without proper pre-and post revolutionary organization and planning. And, it was delivered to you wrapped in the bunting and banners of Freedom, Liberty and Justice for the Oppressed and all.  This was an excellent piece of work. Something on the order of the old Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor epics!

When all the “revolutions” are over, they will tell us the “people” have spoken, and the people have “won,” and we are going to be exposed to another major epic production when the Unholy Alliance turns Hasbara (hebrew for propaganda) and the Disinformation Sector of the USG loose on dressing this pig in silk and delivering her to our door as the new Middle Eastern bride in lipstick!  Lady Liberty!

What sounds too good to be true, usually is!

For Thierry Meyssan, the Turkish people are not protesting against Recip Tayyeb Erdogan’s autocratic style, but against his policies; in other words, against the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is the mentor. What started on Taksim Square is not a color revolution over a new building project, but an uprising that has spread across the entire country; in short, it is a revolution that calls the “Arab Spring” into question.


Thierry Meyssan

The Turkish uprising is rooted in the inconsistencies of the Erdogan government. The latter—after having billed itself as “Muslim Democrat” (based on the “Christian Democratic” model)— suddenly revealed its true nature with the advent of the Arab Spring “color revolutions.”

In terms of domestic and foreign policy, there is a before and after the volte face. The previous stage involved the infiltration of institutions. The aftermath has been characterized by sectarianism. Before, Ahmed Davuto?lu’s theory of “zero problems” with Turkey’s neighbors took center stage. The former Ottoman Empire seemed to be coming out of its slumber and returning to reality. After that, the opposite happened: Turkey fell out with each of her neighbors and went to war against Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Piloting this shift is the Muslim Brotherhood, a secret organization that Erdogan and his team have always been affiliated to, despite their denials. Even if this shift is subsequent to the one involving Qatar—the financier of the Muslim Brotherhood—it bears the same implication: authoritarian regimes that claimed to be foes of Israel suddenly act like close allies.

It is important to remember that the label “Arab Spring” given by the West is a deception to make people believe that the Tunisian and Egyptian governments were overthrown by a mass movement. While there was a popular revolution in Tunisia, its goal was not to change the regime, but to achieve economic and social changes. It was the United States, not the street, that ordered Zinedine el Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak to step down. Then it was NATO that toppled and lynched Muammar al-Gaddafi. And it is again NATO and the GCC that have fueled the attack against Syria.

Across North Africa—with the exception of Algeria—the Muslim Brotherhood have been placed in power by Hillary Clinton. Everywhere, Turkish communications advisors are on board, courtesy of the Erdogan government. Everywhere, “democracy” was a facade which allowed the Brothers to Islamize firms in exchange for embracing the pseudo-liberal capitalism of the United States.

The term “Islamize” reflects the rhetoric employed by the Brothers, not reality. The Brotherhood intends to control the privacy of individuals based on principles which are outside the scope of the Quran. It calls into question the role of women in society and imposes an austere lifestyle without alcohol or cigarettes, and without sex…at least for others.

Over the past ten years, the Brotherhood has stayed under the radar, leaving the transformation of public education in the hands of the sect run by Fethullah Gülen, of which President Abdullah Gül is a member.

Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood alongside the wife of Egypt’s new president, the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi.

Although the Brotherhood flaunts its hatred for the American way of life, it thrives under the protective wing of the Anglo-Americans (UK, USA, Israel) who have always been able to use its violence against those who resisted them. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had appointed to her cabinet her former “body woman,” Huma Abedin (wife of former Zionist Congressman Anthony Weiner), whose mother Saleha Abedin presides the women’s division of the Brotherhood. It was through this channel that Clinton stirred up the Brotherhood.

The Brothers purveyed the ideology of Al-Qaeda, through one of their members: Ayman al-Zawahiri, the organizer of President Sadat’s assassination and currently the leader of the terrorist organization. Al-Zawahiri, like Bin Laden, has always been an agent of U.S. services. Although officially listed as a public enemy, from 1997 to 2001 he met regularly with the CIA at the U.S. Embassy in Baku in the context “Operation Gladio B,” as testified by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds [1].

A progressive dictatorship

During his imprisonment, Erdogan claimed to have broken with the Brothers and to have quit the party. Then, he got himself elected and gradually imposed a dictatorship. He ordered the arrest and incarceration of two thirds of the generals accused of involvement in Gladio, the secret network under U.S. influence. In addition, he put behind bars the highest number of journalists for an individual counry. This fact has been obscured by the Western media, unwilling to criticize a NATO member.

The army is the traditional custodian of Kemalist secularism. However, after the September 11 attacks, senior officers were concerned about the totalitarian drift of the United States, and made ??contact with their counterparts in Russia and China. To nip these unwelcome initiatives in the bud, certain judges pointedly reminded them about their historical ties with the U.S.

If, like in any other profession, journalists can be rascals, the world’s highest incarceration rate is indicative of a policy: intimidation and repression. With the exception of Ululsal, television turned into an official eulogy, while the press followed the same path.

“Zero problems” with its neighbors 

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

The foreign policy of  Ahmet Davutoglu was equally laughable. After seeking to tackle the unresolved problems left over from the Ottoman Empire one century earlier, he tried to play Obama against Netanyahu by organizing the Freedom Flotilla to Palestine [2]. However, less than two months after Israel’s act of piracy, he accepted the international commission of inquiry created to cover it up and resumed in secret his collaboration with Tel Aviv.

As a token of the cooperation between the Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, the Brotherhood had placed on the Marvi Marmara al-Mahdi Hatari, the second in command of Al Qaeda in Libya and a likely British agent [3].

Economic disaster 

How did Turkey squander not only a decade of diplomatic efforts to restore its international relations, but also its economic growth? In March 2011, she participated in the NATO operation against Libya, one of its major economic partners. With Libya devastated by the war, Turkey lost its market. At the same time, Ankara embarked on a war against neighboring Syria, with whom a year earlier she had signed a trade liberalization agreement. The impact was swift: the growth in 2010 was 9.2%, in 2012 it fell to 2.2% and continues to fall [4].

Public Relations

The rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa went to the Erdogan government’s head. By brandishing his Ottoman imperial ambition, he disconcerted the Arab public to begin with, and then turned the majority of his people against him.

On one hand, the government is funding Fetih 1453—a film that gobbled up an astronomic budget for the country—which is supposed to celebrate the conquest of Constantinople, albeit historically flawed. On the other hand, it attempts to ban the most popular television series in the Middle East, The Sultan’s Harem, because the truth does not project a peaceful image of the Ottomans.

The real reason for the uprising

In the present context, the Western press has focused on specific details: a housing project in Istanbul, ban on late-night sales of alcholol, or statements encouraging population growth. All this is true, but it doesn’t add up to a revolution.

By showing its true nature, the Erdogan government has cut itself off from the population. Only a minority of Sunnis can identify with the backward and hypocritical programme of the Brothers. As it happens, about 50% of Turks are Sunni, 20% Alevi (that is to say Alawites), 20% are Kurds (mostly Sunni), and 10% belong to other minorities. It is statistically clear that the Erdogan government can not hold out against the uprising that its own policies helped to ignite.

By overthrowing him, the Turks would be solving not only their own problems, but would also be putting an end to the war against Syria. I have often pointed out that the war would stop the day one of its foreign sponsors exits the scene. This will soon be the case. Thus, the Turkish people will also halt the Brotherhood’s expansion. Erdogan’s fall foreshadows that of his friends; Ghannouchi in Tunisia and Morsi in Egypt. It is in fact most unlikely that these artificial governments, imposed via rigged elections, can survive their powerful sponsor.

Gaia Edwards

Thierry Meyssan is a French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace Conference. Professor of International Relations at the Centre for Strategic Studies in Damascus. His columns specializing in international relations feature in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. His last two books published in English : 9/11 the Big Lie and Pentagate.


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4 Responses to "The “Arab Spring” and the uprising against Brother Erdogan"

  1. rexw  June 12, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    In the early stages of what has become known as ‘Arab Spring’ or ‘revolution’ in whatever country, the differences just being geographical, it is difficult for anyone from the West to really understand the players. There are just many diverse groups; religious, philosophical, cultural or any number of seemingly irreconcilable parties, all with different objectives and ethnic backgrounds. .And so it is now and so it has always been and will always be.

    We can be certain that in any grouping of 20 people in the Middle East there will be 15 different opinions, none accepting or respecting the other. Now this is a fertile climate for the warlike players in 2013 to do what they are so good at…….creating chaos, hatred and death because they are organised, have planned their positions well, are well-funded and can apply all the resources, which in the past have made them so good at their trade, time after time.

    In the case of the US, over 200 wars, all for ‘democracy’ of course, or ‘freedom’, or any other number of descriptions, all adding up to ‘American interests’, nothing less. And so as we all sit in our respective seats, wherever they are, thinking they are well positioned Catbird Seats, seeing all, and then try and understand what it is that makes Turkey now vulnerable to a heavy-handed approach by the current leader, Erdogan , which is most likely, we know full well that our opinions today will be changed drastically tomorrow and again a month later. Right now it is a public display, but that’s the starting point as it was in Libya and Egypt. Stage one, but in both circumstances they have progressed to Stages 2 and 3 (seemingly concluded) and are now on the way back to back to Stage one, again. A never-ending circle of changing opinions, leaders, priorities and partners in crime.

    Why, you might ask? Because none of the external manipulators , the Machiavellians, know what to do next. Circumstances have made them change their opinions. Many times.

    For Israel this is perfect. They thrive on chaos, making most of it themselves for their devious objectives. They have been planning ‘Eretz Israel’ for a hundred + years and they know that you must be patient. Besides, as American soldiers do all their dying for them, there really is no hurry. Light a fire here, another one there, false flags a speciality, spread a rumour (chemical weapons always a favourite). They are never short of an agenda.

    Mischief-making is #1.

    For the UK and France, always sitting watching for a chance to put into effect their well honed colonising skills in the case of a commercial opportunity raising its head. Exploitation is the name of their game. The eyes and ears of Israel, per courtesy of Agents Hague and Cameron.

    Then there is NATO. How do they justify their place on the world stage, this unprofessional army, a band of miscreant brothers who need world problems to feed their ideas of self-importance, second only to the exceptionalism of the US. Always first in where an opportunity presents itself as in Libya, but their opposition must be almost defenceless. Certainly no anti-aircraft weapons. It’s their kind of one-sided battle, strutting the world stage from 30,000 feet.

    For the US the need is to find the weak spot; trade, the economy, USAID, a dictator or two to cultivate, (any morals will do), a reason to slide into the breach and make themselves indispensable as wth Mubarak for thirty years, a US puppet particularly in the last decade, a big-spending client of US commercial interests for which he would have been well rewarded. That’s the way they do things.
    Just look at South America. History has shown this to be the case. They know nothing else.

    These days, they prefer to outsource others do the initial dirty work, such as Australians, Canadians, British, all ready to subscribe to another batle. But when it comes to a full frontal attack, the US supplies the Commander. That’s a given Petraeus would be ideal if he ever could find room on his jacket for yet another10 medals. (All so well deserved I am sure).

    The UN. Is it even worth a paragraph? The New York mouthpiece for US foreign policy. Resolutions against Palestine a speciality. Yes, sir, No sir, Just whistle, America. We are here for you. You know that.

    Opinion changing? Syria is the perfect example of opinion changing on a daily basis. Why even the US, with a President dancing to the tune of a majority Republican Congress, which is itself compromised and dancing to the tune of a Zionist state per medium of AIPAC’s US Congress, highly visible fifth columnists, always ready to deploy the troops they need. They need to remove troops from Okinawa because the Japanese are heartily tired of their presence. Even then the US was not prepared to embark on another dalliance in Syria. The closest they got to that was to send in that buffoon John McCain, feckless leader and caretaker of the permanent war philosophy of the Republican Party who enjoys the idea of young US soldiers dying to maintain his special place he has in the hearts of his Zionist masters. Always anxious to get brownie points on the Zionist score card.

    It’s his only life, poor man.

    They really can’t afford not to have their military engaged in something. Imagine the unemployment after outsourcing all their manufacturing to Asia if they all came home from the 900+ bases around the globe at the same time? 18-25% at least.. Sadly though, McCain returned safely having gone to visit al Qaeda, current enemy of the US everywhere else in the world but not in Syria.
    When you work that one out, please advise the rest of the world who are somewhat confused, rightly so.

    But make allowances for him. He knows not who or what he is. A realtime schizophrenic: Republican, war supporter, al Qaeda advocate, Israeli owned, part time American (10%) and political charlatan. For all these fine qualities, he keeps getting re-elected from Arizona, but then that’s not surprising.. It is just their judgement of him as someone they admire, which speaks volumes. So let’s see what the US Congress, in the guise of John McCain and who, in the guise of a patriotic American, will decide on…… another 4.000 + casualties in that theatre of war.?

    Good practice for Iran, the ultimate Israeli objective.

  2. DaveE  June 12, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    This a one messy affair, alright, but that’s probably the point. Chaos, confusion, subversion, not knowing where the truth lies or who to believe, all work in favor of those “people” trying to overthrow the existing order.

    I don’t think anyone smarter than roofing nails doesn’t know who’s causing all the trouble, but the problem is they’re REALLY good at disguising themselves.

  3. Rufus Peterson  June 11, 2013 at 11:54 pm


    Good work- between you and Meyssan maybe we are getting a clearer picture. I think that with the MSM here, and the byzantine nature of affairs in the Mideast there’s no way to make a map that makes any sense at all out of what’s going on over there- even by people here who are actually trying to pay attention.

    I think the Arab Spring has been brought up recently on NPR as something relevant to Turkey, but not in any kind of serious way. The idea was broached and then discarded. My guess is that soon any mention at all of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ will vanish from the pages of the MSM.

    • Debbie Menon  June 12, 2013 at 10:04 am


      Our co-editor Dr. Alan Sabrosky notes :

      “So, in accordance with Israeli philosophy, if you cannot control it, destroy it. Either way, they win.”

      “Your remarks spot on:

      “Interesting, too, that at this point, ONLY Iran remains on the Israeli list of obstacles. All of the others are either overthrown, in chaos, or compromised: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Turkey – which for whatever reason, DID publicly break with Israel over Cast Lead and caused it major heartburn. All out.

      “Game plan working ever so nicely – tanker aircraft on the way to Israel as part of the “supplemental” $10 billion aid package announced by Hagel.”

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