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The Emperor’s New Speech

The supposedly miniscule expenditure of foreign aid was mentioned as an unfortunate price we must pay as we lead the world, but the name of that number one recipient, Israel, somehow never once came up. Neither did the subject of the NDAA.


by Rufus Petersen


Ed. note : Please note; Not a single Israeli banner in the batch! A real gung ho American Firster! Amerika Über Alles!

On the 23rd of May 2013, a superior actor, the leader of the “free world” gave an hour speech that was long overdue on lurking topics which had been dogging him from the mouth of his critics, left and right. The authenticity quotient certainly seemed high to many ears, especially as the voice of a heckling critic was inexplicably allowed to henpeck at great length.

An oft-repeated phrase came to mind: Too little, too late. What can you say about the not-so-secret mission statement of a nation which never stops attempting to rule every corner of the planet 24-7? We are incrementally attempting to stem the rate of murders we commit, just because we can since this reigning Emperor has decided to want to live up to his manufactured reputation as “kinder and gentler”? Obviously this wasn’t said, but certainly the message was exactly what was projected. And while the acting was certainly much better and more believable than that of GWB, we are still left with nothing more than hollow words.

The supposedly miniscule expenditure of foreign aid was mentioned as an unfortunate price we must pay as we lead the world, but the name of that number one recipient, Israel, somehow never once came up. Neither did the subject of the NDAA.

A great speech, but it was written in context to mythologies and superimposed, invented narratives. Has any empire ever retreated from its poison and murders back into a more benevolent stance? No. Don’t be fooled by the new-leaf Obama as you bend to grasp your ankles.

As long as you’re not bound by racism or conventional right-wing political partisanship, Obama can be seen as a quite attractive Prez. He does a great job of coming off as a likeable guy, but that is our downfall, and just where neo-lib crap prevails. I know I instinctively cut him way more slack than GWB, but many such as myself instinctively found GWB utterly loathsome, and speaking for me it wasn’t just about the usual urban-lefty hatred for mid-America flyover country. I don’t know about anyone but me, but I just can’t get behind wallowing, purposeful ignorance meant to be folksy.

Obama is an entirely different beast altogether, yet he’s acted similarly enough to GWB in too many ways. He flies fast, hard and thoroughly though as being kinder and gentler– in the way that Dubya couldn’t as a supposed “compassionate conservative”. It’s true that Obama didn’t whack Afghanistan or Iraq, getting the most hideous NeoCon attacks into fruition, but he sure did his best to nail Qadaffi and aid the behind-the-scenes efforts at new textbook villain Assad. Obama has way more subtlety and finesse than GWB. My guess is the end result  for both of these leaders aren’t a whole lot different in substance in the long run.

America’s actions have only been legal because Obama and endless teams of lawyers say so. Show us one clear instance where Obamaco broke with the policies of its predecessors which constitute a repudiation of past policies, and you might see a slow timid reversal. But where the hell is that?

Make no mistake; there is no break with anything in Obama’s speech– nothing that charts a new course. He doesn’t even pretend to do this, but insists a new tone has been made and seems to hint that some goal was reached, some milestone passed. Oh what, the CIA (which wasn’t mentioned) is passing the drone program to the Pentagon?. There is no “there” there, Mr. President. And you still ARE just asking us for your word on it that things are otherwise.

 Text of speech-

Yes Mr President,This Is Who We Are:

Michael Ratner and Paul Jay analyze President Obama’s defense of his drone and Guantanamo policies – a policy based on continuing US dominance in the Middle East; Obama’s speech was interrupted by Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin.

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Rufus Peterson, a fifty-something, bohemian Paleoconservative artist and writer living in Idaho.


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4 Responses to "The Emperor’s New Speech"

  1. Rufus Peterson  June 20, 2013 at 12:17 am

    To Debbie,

    This leads us back to the whole left/right schism that’s grown pathological here in this country. People on the right, conventional or otherwise might say to me “I told ya so!” with a smirk, as if was on the Left. I guess I should’ve taken their word for it from the get-go.

    I was thinking about this just earlier today. I was skeptical about O from the start, so it’s not like I’ve been fooled or anything. I just held on to the idea that there could be some twigs on the O tree which maybe could be just a little fruitful somehow.

    But it appears to be all for naught. I guess maybe you’ve caught wind of something of this ilk:

    I think Obama represents/ or has represented a new high watermark in the believability of the Prez. I guess maybe you can factor in some “likeability” in there as well. Maybe for people like me, as well as for many on the Left, Bush was so obviously an insincere and clueless worm that we could barely stand him, even from the start.

    People on the Right had an instinctive aversion to O instantly. Was this just knee-jerk Rightism, racism, or did they see something else lurking which escaped us?

    But back to your idea. If I still don’t turn off my radio/video/whatever instinctively whenever O appears who is going to? Mostly I’d leave GW on, although I’d always be gritting my teeth.

  2. DaveE  June 14, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    The Jewish Agenda requires nothing less than subversion of ALL the countries of the world. If the Jews are going to install themselves at the top of the New World Order (JWO) it only stands to reason that Gentiles will, at some point, rebel and resent being slaves to Jewish tyranny. Therefore, control or destruction of ALL governments is essential if Jews are to install themselves at the top of the food chain, since they don’t have the numbers (or courage) to fight us directly in the streets.

    I think they’ve been handed some setbacks, lately, so rather than controlling us, they want to destroy our infrastructure so we can’t fight back. Feinstein and Bloomberg still haven’t taken our guns, Iran is still around and our soldiers might just say “enough” rather than die in the Syrian desert for Jewish supremacy. Also essential to the Jews’ plan is to incite a civil war in America, a tactic which has worked so well for them in the past, undoubtedly using another false-flag attack like 9/11, probably much worse. Martial Law, house-to-house searches for anyone (like me) on the NSA database who spoke out against zionist tyranny, summary execution or imprisonment (at best) of all who resist.

    Christ knew the truth of these scumbags and warned us in terms even a four-year-old could understand. Now, if only “Christians” would actually LISTEN to their leader and have some COURAGE to fight the evil in our midst, maybe we might stand a chance of survival. As it is, however, Jews have so infiltrated the “Chrurch” and set “Christians” to work fighting innocent Muslims, that I’m not optimistic an awakening will happen quickly enough.

    All I can say to Christians is that if you are dumb enough to think the Jews will spare YOU when they’re done with using you to fight the Muslim world, well, good luck. You’re disposable, too.

  3. denisehoffman  May 28, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    O-bomb-a is a pathological liar. I can hardly stand to listen to his “rhetoric”.

    • Debbie Menon  June 19, 2013 at 11:06 pm

      If we could somehow get a few thousand spectators to virtually turn their backs, stand up and walk out on Obama whenever and every time he spoke in public, then that might have some impact…something which might get his attention.

      It would be impossible to get any literal crowd at any live public appearance to do that in any meaningful or noticeable numbers in US.

      But, TV networks and stations have a means of counting or surveying real-time listener/watcher numbers when they present someone like Obama or Clinton on public TV, and if somehow a sufficient number of people would suddenly turn their TVs off, or shift channels every time he appeared on TV, this would show up on a chart somewhere and someone in his political advisory staff might take notice.

      I am really grasping at straws, am I not, to even suggest such a hair brained idea? But, it might have some effect, if we could just come up with some way to pull it off.

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