Assad: Syria Crisis marks the End of the Uni-polar World and the Rise of the BRICS as Global Power

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad stressed, that there was a need to fully understand, that if the crisis leads to the breakup of Syria, or if it fills the country with terrorists, then the crisis will inevitably spill over into neighboring countries. He continued stating, that he believes, that “that is why the BRICS is facing up to the West and is foursquare behind the principle of a political settlement in Syria.”


by Christof Lehman (nsnbc)


President Bashar al-Assad of Syria talks with a reporter (Turkey Tribune)

In an recent interview, Syria´s President al-Assad stated that the Syria crisis indicates an end to a uni-polar, US-dominated world. On Friday, insurgents shelled the predominantly Christian Damascus suburb Jaramana, killing one, injuring seven, and causing structural damage to several buildings. Meanwhile, the Syrian military continues operations throughout Syria, including the north-eastern areas of Damascus. Assad blamed Turkey for sponsoring terrorism.

In a televised interview with the Turkish channel Ulsal Kanal, the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad accused Turkey of supporting terrorists in Syria. In the interview, al-Assad stressed, that western countries have no right to establish democracy in Syria as they bear responsibility for homicide in the country and the region.

The Syrian President continued the interview, stating, that the crisis in Syria is not a local but an international crisis, and that he believes, that the crisis is an artifact of a struggle between large countries of the world, for changing the existing state borders in the region. The crisis in Syria is as much an international crisis, Assad said, as it is a war that is being waged against his country by the international community.

Al-Assad emphasized, that the establishment of the BRICS has sent the signal to the whole world, that the USA no longer can remain the sole pole of global power, and that others will now have to bear in mind the opinion and interests of the BRICS countries. He continued stating, that the BRICS countries were not assisting his government or the Syrian state per se, but that they instead made an effort for stability in the region.


Syrian President Bashar al Assad Interview With Turkish TV Station Ulusal Kanal



Full transcript of the interview here


Al-Assad stressed, that there was a need to fully understand, that if the crisis leads to the breakup of Syria, or if it fills the country with terrorists, then the crisis will inevitably spill over into neighboring countries. He continued stating, that he believes, that “that is why the BRICS is facing up to the West and is foursquare behind the principle of a political settlement in Syria.”

In November, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey could play a positive role if it were to act as a mediator in the stalled negotiations with Iran over its disputed nuclear programme Photo: AFP

On Wednesday al-Assad blamed the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stating, that he has not uttered a single word of truth since the beginning of the crisis, and blamed the Turkish government for being a key backer of the Syrian opposition and state sponsored terrorism.

In a statement released on Thursday, al-Assad criticized the Arab League for handing a seat to the Syrian opposition´s National Coalition, and stated that the Arab League lacks legitimacy. It is a league that represents the Arab states, not a league that represents Arab people. It cannot grant or retract legitimacy, he said.

Al-Assad´s statement, that the rise of the BRICS implies an end to a uni-polar world, dominated by the United States came shortly after the 2013 BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa, and the BRICS member states decision to, among other initiatives, create a BRICS Development Bank as an alternative to the World Bank and the IMF.

The red line, which the BRICS has drawn with regard to Syria, and with the establishment of a BRICS Development Bank are two among a series of red lines and signals which the BRICS has issued over the past month. Some of the western nations however, have responded with covert acts of aggression, which could not only aggravate and widen the conflict in Syria into a wider war, but result in a global currency war as well.

Subsequent to the failure to reach an agreement between the EU and Russia over the European Union´s Third Energy Package, Russian top diplomats have become increasingly assertive and open in their warnings against a widening of the conflict over energy security, which includes Syria.

Deputy Governor of China´s National Bank, Yi Gang.

In early March the Deputy Governor of China´s National Bank, Yi Gang, called on international players to avoid a currency war, stating, “China is fully prepared in terms of monetary policies and other mechanisms, to deal with a possible currency war, and China will take full account of the quantitative easing policy conducted by the central banks of some countries“.

The western response however, seems to be a continuation of aggressive military and economic politics, including among other, the continued aggravation of the crisis in Korea and Syria, the continuation of economic protectionism, enforced by military proxies or direct military intervention in central Africa.

Shortly after the BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa, western media initiated a campaign, positioning the South African President Jacob Zuma as a potential war criminal over the involvement of South African troops in the Central African Republic (CAR), where 13 South African soldiers were killed during attempts to help the government and military of the CAR to prevent a western backed coup d´etat with the help of a “rebel alliance” as proxy.

The concerted campaign against the 2013 BRICS Summit host, South African President Jacob Zuma, led the Russian expert on international law and governance, Alexander Mezyaev, to voice his concerns, that the western backed coup in the Central African Republic may have been a precursor for a coup d´etat in the Republic of South Africa.

There is a general consensus among analysts, that the statement of the Syrian President al-Assad, that the BRICS increased assertiveness spells an end to a US-dominated, uni-polar world. Whether the world will be heading to a global currency war and a widening of the worlds simmering conflicts into an open and direct military confrontation between the two blocks however, is far more uncertain and for the time being difficult to assess.

Dr. Christof Lehmann, born 1958 in West Germany, was Advisor for Research in Psycho-traumatology to Yassir Arafat and Survivor of the Sabra Shatila Massace in 1982, Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1986, Advisor to Joshua Nkomo on the Impact of Torture and Psychological Trauma on Conflict Solution and Reconsiliation in Zimbabwe´s Politics in 1986-1990, Advisor to Nelson Mandela on Social Politics, Public Mental Health and the Effect of Psychological Trauma on Peace and Reconsiliation in 1994-1997. Dr. Lehmann is a Practicing Clinical Psychologist and has been actively advocating Palestinians Right to Statehood and Self Determination. In 2011 he began writing articles to contribute to breaking what he perceives as “The Embargo on Truth” by founding and running an independent webmedia:

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3 Comments for “Assad: Syria Crisis marks the End of the Uni-polar World and the Rise of the BRICS as Global Power”

  1. How foolish are people ? to believe in a “bric” saving the world !!!!
    What a joke , first of India with its 1 billion has a disgusting human rights record as well as being the “dis-ease’s” right hand man.

    This is priceless :: to think that the two will be any different
    “create a BRICS Development Bank as an alternative to the World Bank and the IMF.”

    This is nothing more than a stall and a reinvention of the old grip on humans.

    Obviously the “I.C.C.” is a pure joke as well when someone under terrorist attack by the west, cannot seek refuge in the worlds court system.

    Its the olde, “switch and bait” don’t fall for it.

    It appears that everyone can be fooled all the time, after all.

    • and this is not a “crisis”!!!!!!! (but for those innocent in country)
      this is an ileagal terrorist attack on a peacefull nation, BY THE WESTERN TERRORISTS ORG. !!!!!!

      • E. Exactly!

        I couldn’t agree more. Niloufer Bhagwat is organizing a Damascus Conference:

        The conference is a solidarity conference as the Syrian people need to see and feel that they are not alone or isolated, particularly as every attempt has been made by NATO, OIC and the Arab League to isolate Syria. Of course as a consequence they have only shown the world what the real reasons are for the attack on the Syrian people and society.

        What is disgusting is the pre-meditated attack on Civiilians and institutions and the destruction of heritage sites of Syria. Proving who the Barbarians really are …….and of course
        the Palestinians are once again the targets of suffering even in Syria and are once again refugees.

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