Rebel or Rogue?: US Army vet charged for joining al-Qaeda militants in Syria

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A US Army veteran has been charged with conspiracy for fighting alongside a Syrian rebel group linked to al-Qaeda.

An intelligence analyst says the recent FBI arrest of US soldier and alleged CIA agent, Eric Harroun, for joining foreign-backed militants in Syria is a mockery of US operations as it shows the CIA and FBI’s disunity. The comment comes as Harroun’s father Darryl says his son was serving the CIA in Syria and reporting back to the Agency from the country. He says his son, who was arrested and charged with conspiracy on Wednesday for fighting with al-Qaeda-linked militants, is extremely patriotic and would not join militants.

However, the FBI affidavit mentioned no word of Harroun working for the CIA. Harroun, 30, was arrested upon arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, after fighting with the notorious al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Syria since January. The detained soldier has confessed to shooting 10 people and using a rocket-propelled grenade while in Syria and being involved in downing a Syrian chopper. He is also charged with plotting to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the US.

Press TV has conducted an interview with senior editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff in Ohio to further discuss the issue.

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