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US Aid to Israel Could Dodge Sequester Cuts

The ambitious goal to be formally designated as the United States’ “major strategic ally” is apparently on the agenda at the annual (Israel Lobby) American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee gathering that’s kicking off in Washington, known as AIPAC.


Over 12,000 delegates are expected to attend America’s Pro-Israel Lobby meeting in Washington. Israel could become the first-ever nation to enjoy the official status of America’s “major strategic ally”. The proposed legislation will be among the issues discussed today – when the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the pro-Israel Lobby gathering kicks off in Washington.

If the plan becomes legislation, it could oblige the US to support Israel diplomatically and militarily if it strikes Iran.

Robert Naiman, policy director at Just Foreign Policy, says that it could also exempt Israel from any reduction in foreign aid that might result from budget cuts.

No benefit for the USA. This is  not about benefit for the USA he said. This is nothing to do with benefit to America.



US aid to Israel may be saved from sequestration and moved into Pentagon budget. That might be the result if the Israeli lobby in Washington gets its way and the American people aren’t paying attention, political analyst Robert Naiman told RT.

The annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is reportedly focused on the congressional designation of Israel as a “major strategic ally” of the US, a unique status that would be enjoyed only by the Jewish state. The move is seen as facilitating Israel’s military action against Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, which also appears on the conference agenda.

But according to the policy director at Just Foreign Policy Robert Naiman, the pro-Israel conference is focusing on Iran so as not to draw attention to the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict – as well as protecting US funding of Israel from budget cuts.

RT: The US has been Israel’s faithful ally since the foundation of the state. Why does it need to become official, why the formalization?


RN: Well, according to lobbyists associated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, it has to do with the coming threat of budget cuts. Under this sequester… there’re supposed to be across-the-board cuts to the US budget. So that should mean that the US aid to Israel, which is substantial, billions of dollars a year, should also be cut – but the Israel lobby doesn’t want the aid to Israel to be cut. So their long game is that with this designation of ‘major strategic ally’ they would move things that are currently paid out of the US aid to Israel into the base Pentagon budget. They’ll argue, ‘well, this is about the national security needs…’

So their goal here is to exempt aid to Israel from the so-called across-the-board cuts. But of course they don’t want to announce that on the marquee, because Americans are going to be told: ‘oh, now we have to cut Head Start early childhood education because of the sequester cuts, but meanwhile aid to Israel is going to be protected.’ That’s going to make a lot of people in the United States very angry.

RT: It’s clear how Israel would benefit from this. But the US rubber-stamping the status of Israel as its ‘major strategic ally’ – how do they benefit from it?


RN: Well, they don’t – it has nothing to do with the benefit to the US. This is about what you can get away with if you’re lobbyist in Washington and the American people aren’t paying attention. If AIPAC and members of Congress are in a closed room, they’re going to agree on one thing. If the American people don’t find that out, it’s not reported in the press. This isn’t in the New York Times, it’s not in the Washington Post. It’s in the insider press that covers the stuff, Jewish telegraphic agency, for example, that covers AIPAC. So outside the people who follow such news, this is not in the mainstream American media yet.

RT: The conference will focus mainly on Iran, which is seen as the emerging threat. But the conflict with the Palestinians is very real and has been for decades. Why isn’t solving that on the agenda?


RN: Well, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee doesn’t want to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they’re completely content with the status quo. They want Israel to retain control of the West Bank, they want Israeli settlements in the West Bank to expand, so they’re completely happy with that. In fact, these are the people that do a lot to drive the focus on Iran, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Israeli government, which are like two twin brothers. This focus now actually helps them change the channel from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They don’t want anybody to think about or talk about… three million Palestinians who don’t get to vote for the government that rules their lives, while their neighbors can stir in the Israeli Knesset.



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2 Responses to "US Aid to Israel Could Dodge Sequester Cuts"

  1. REXW  March 4, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    I do have a clear solution to the problem of AIPAC and its insidious plans for America.

    Let’s make it AMPAC, the American Public Affairs Committee. Almost the same but with the emphasis on America, currently being dragged from pillar to post by a foreign country, that is the parasitic ‘I’ in AIPAC.

    Who needs them? I =Israel.

    So we will see 12,000 grovellers in Washington this week. Will we also see cheerleader Biden there, flat on his belly as has been his practice in years gone by ? Yes, count on it. He loves his grovelling and he does it so well as do Charles Schumer, Lindsay Graham, Eric Cantor, Lieberman, Ros-Lehtinen, and about 65% of the elected Congress and Senators all paying their dues to Howard Kohr and his “American” cronies.

    But they are Americans, aren’t they? Now there’s the rub.

    What about a loyalty vote, not for Israel but for the USA? Let us see who it is that considers Israel deserves “major strategic ally” status. Perhaps the English think they do, the French, the Germans, the Australians, the New Zealanders and any number of other countries who deserve the title more, if such a ridiculous status is required at all, that is. These countries have supported the US in its continuous/continuing military dalliances around the world, year after year, all in the name of ‘democracy’ (US style) from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and who knows what’s currently on the planning board.

    Is this the time to quote that master of US diplomacy,Joe Biden, (sure makes every true American proud) when he stated to Iran a week or so ago that “everything was on the table” in diplomatic-speak that means ‘watch your blxxxy back as Netanyahu wants us to get you…… no reason really……. just to show the world who really is running the US of A’. Friendly stuff. Well-honed Iran-bashing rhetoric, ad nauseum. So it will be on the AIPAC policy conference marquee this week, yet again.

    Those non-demanding countries as above are the countries that have shown the US support. Their soldiers have died for the “causes” since 1954. On the other end of the scale we see a self-centered, arrogant country like Israel, latter day Nazis, disliked by all, Ziocons, Israeli-firsters, Dual citizens, Neocons, spies, fifth columnists, any name will do, taking all, contributing nothing, creaming billions off the US taxpayers year after year as one administration after another demonstrates that they are subservient to Israel, just as the 12,000 AIPAC ‘ers will indicate by their attendance in Washington this week.

    One should get the list of names and run them all through a test for patriotism. They would fail.

    How about an “Emergency Committee for America,” anybody?

    The never-ending theater of the absurd.

    Rex Williams
    Canberra, Australia

  2. John  March 4, 2013 at 9:54 am

    The US-Israel relationship today is the product of a concerted effort over decades by a domestic Fifth Column which has effectively captured the US Government from within, and placed it in the service of a smaller foreign country in a modified host-parasite relationship.

    AIPAC and the Israel Lobby have a single purpose and keep their attention on that purpose, which is to endorse whatever Israel does or wants, no matter what its effect on the US or the American people as a whole. These people have had no qualms about spending American lives and treasure in Israel’s interest.

    The net effect of this effective and concerted effort over four generations has been to have a Medusa-like effect on any serious discussion about Israel or debate on US support for Israel. Attempts to openly address Israeli transgressions in the press or the public forums are muted by an inability to reach the American people.

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