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Bill Maher :‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’

Maher :  “Based on every statement I’ve heard from every Republican in the last two years, the Israelis are controlling our government,” he said, prompting a huge applause from the audience.


by Rufus Petersen


Bill Maher is known for his incisive wit; he’s funny and makes some valid political observations. If he was completely off-base, there’d be no reason whatsoever for him to be where he is today.  He has been attacked in the past by social conservatives– perhaps at times deservedly so.

On Friday, Maher lashed out at Republican senators  for blocking the nomination of Chuck Hagel, who he emphasized is a “right-wing Republican, …and that’s not good enough?”

Jamie Weinstein, (Senior Editor, at The Daily Caller) responds, “That’s not fair.” ‘

Meher: Not fair?!

Jamie Weinstein: “They believe during the question and answer at Rutgers University he claimed that the State Department was controlled by the Israeli government–the Israeli Foreign Ministry controls the State Department…'”

Maher:  And it’s not?!

Maher:  “Based on every statement I’ve heard from every Republican in the last two years, the Israelis are controlling our government,” he said, prompting a huge applause from the audience.

Watch the segment here:

or at:

To my knowledge, Maher has also been attacked by paleoconservatives blaming Jewish control of the media on the likes of Maher and his leftward bent. Which is it, conservatives?

The old flavor of conservatism was about putting America’s interests first, while today’s has been about kneeling to the shrine of Israel Uber Alles. It’s a mighty marked difference if you ask me!

Perhaps the only truly conservative thing left in contemporary conservatism is conserving money for the wealthy- for whomever those wealthy might be. But let’s take a look at some of the money cruising around Congress today. Don’t question why so many are given large incomes and expensive homes and cars to be publicist-propagandists for a country founded on war crimes and injustice. That would be anti-semitism!

….so it’s okay for US politicians to give pro-Israel paid speeches, when paid for by  Israel and its number of lobbying groups and special interest groups  in the United States, at every influential institution across the nation, but it’s not okay for Arab and Muslim lobbies, if any, to invest in a bit of PR ?

Today  The Hill, the largest circulation of any Capitol Hill publication ran this editorial: American Jewish Committee (AJC) calls for “further Senate deliberation” on Chuck Hagel



Jewish lobby group wants Senate to take harder look at Hagel’s Israel views

A Jewish advocacy group is calling for “further Senate deliberation” on Defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel because of his views on Middle East policy.

American Jewish Committee (AJC) Executive Director David Harris said the former Nebraska Republican senator’s “complex record and controversial statements he has made since his public service on strategic and political affairs” necessitated a closer look.

Senate Republicans blocked Hagel’s nomination through a filibuster. He received 58 votes — two shy of the amount needed to break the hold, as Senate Majority Leader (D-Nev.) switched from a yes vote so he could bring up Hagel’s nomination again.

Republicans said the White House rushed the nomination, which they said necessitated the hold. Reid and President Obama accused the GOP of playing politics.

And while Hagel is still likely to get confirmed, the hold underscores the touchy matter of his nomination.

Republicans have taken issue with Hagel on several topics, with Israel being prominent.

The GOP has highlighted a comment Hagel made during an interview while still in the Senate in which he said the Jewish lobby “intimidates a lot of people.” Hagel has said he misspoke, mentioning he said “Israel lobby” elsewhere in that interview.

Republicans also have aired concerns with an earlier Hagel statement in which he supported U.S. engagement with Hamas.

While AJC is calling for more discussion, some pro-Israel lobby groups have backed Hagel’s nomination.

In a December statement, the liberal J Street advocacy group said it was “appalled by efforts surfacing in recent days to question his (Hagel’s) commitment to the state of Israel and to Middle East peace.”

Republican senators have  also been looking into Hagel’s financial doings and also past speeches. As per the latter, are they expecting to uncover his speech to the Associated Communist Satanic Child Abuse Society of America? And that newly elected junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz was saying something about him taking money from terrorists or the like- “We do not know, for example, if he received compensation for giving paid speeches at extreme or radical groups,” Cruz told the Senate Armed Services Committee before it voted Tuesday to approve Hagel’s nomination. “It is at a minimum relevant to know if that $200,000 that he deposited in his bank account came directly from Saudi Arabia, came directly from North Korea.”



The Citizens United  Supreme Court decision made it possible for thinly disguised foreign money to circulate in the US. Pro-Israel Super pacs proliferated. Witness Sheldon Adelson’s attempt to purchase the last Prez election for Mitt Romney:

The list below tells an obvious tale of who controls the US government.

Top Senate Recipients Funded by Pro Israel PACS

link to:

direct link to list below:

Recipient Amount

Mark Kirk $945,679
John McCain $772,327
Benjamin Cardin $446,948
Mitch McConnell $404,700
Carl Levin $366,278
Robert Menéndez $343,394
Richard Durbin $325,112
Kirsten Gillibrand $312,687
Mary Landrieu $294,259
Harry Reid $261,708
Frank Lautenberg $258,333
Barbara Boxer $245,179
Charles Schumer $243,149
Bill Nelson $236,150
Ron Wyden $219,931
Sheldon Whitehouse $214,421
Sherrod Brown $212,175
Robert Casey $203,450
Claire McCaskill $175,396
Debbie Stabenow $169,089
Barbara Mikulski $168,250
Mark Udall $162,923
Roger Wicker $152,561
Bob Corker $151,820
Roy Blunt $144,750
Susan Collins $141,518
Mark Warner $140,651
Mark Pryor $138,250
Jeff Merkley $137,130
John Rockefeller $123,807
John Thune $122,725
Max Baucus $121,050
Amy Klobuchar $119,302
Pat Roberts $116,900
Jeanne Shaheen $114,374
Jon Tester $113,557
John Reed $111,140
Michael Bennet $109,126
Al Franken $109,018
Tom Udall $107,468
John Cornyn $107,000
David Vitter $105,469
Joe Manchin $103,910
Saxby Chambliss $103,650
Tim Johnson $92,465
Kelly Ayotte $90,350
Martin Heinrich $89,160
Maria Cantwell $87,722
Jefferson Sessions $86,550
Lisa Murkowski $85,900
John Barrasso $84,550
Lindsey Graham $84,515
Daniel Coats $81,733
Tammy Baldwin $81,637
Patty Murray $81,550
Thomas Harkin $81,480
Richard Blumenthal $80,640
Orrin Hatch $80,250
Patrick Leahy $74,062
Marco Rubio $73,800
Richard Burr $70,850
Robert Portman $68,815
John Hoeven $67,535
Thomas Carper $64,450
Mike Johanns $63,635
Dianne Feinstein $63,520
James Inhofe $60,000

More: link to

Rufus Peterson, a fifty-something, temporarily faceless, bohemian Paleoconservative artist and writer living in Idaho.


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5 Responses to "Bill Maher :‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’"

  1. rhys  February 18, 2013 at 6:53 pm


    May I respond.

    It is indeed sad that you have taken this antagonistic line in these comment pages today. Such comments are unnecessary.

    The fact that you read these articles would indicate that you have an interest in such political matters and the article today was essentially brought on by the hiatus in the Senate Confirmation Hearing, which has been an embarrassing aberration and was therefore regarded by so many as a clear indication that the questions asked of Mr. Hagel had little, if anything to do with either his capability as an administrator or of his background and attitudes to his own country.

    I do not see how anyone could see this anything but a Zionist witch hunt for their own purposes. Surely that must be obvious to all. Certainly, as a result of these drawn out and not yet completed hearings the American public has become better informed of the influences that are at play here.

    This then, is the basis for the original comment from Mr. Maher, hardly a condemnation of Jews but a comment solely on the influences by which those people occupying Senate positions have allowed themselves to be judged and I would respectfully suggest, the US public are now better aware of it and do not like it at all.

    It didn’t justify the tirade against everything that Mr’ Maher said. It was just the truth. He is after all, a comedian as so many of your people are.

    I do trust you see that his comments was very truthful and the current situation to be changed by Senators who represent America.

    It is after all your country as well, I would assume.

    • Anthony Lawson  February 19, 2013 at 5:07 am

      @ Rhys

      Fans of Israel’s appallingly inhuman behaviour towards their neighbors, the unchosen Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Iranians and others, can always be distinguished by their use of insulting language and racial epithets, yet they are the first to invoke the tired-old and totally inaccurate cry of anti-Semitism. A pox on nasty people of all kinds; they are indistiguishable in their hatred of those who are not like them. And who, one can only ask, would want to be Nanette?

  2. rexw  February 18, 2013 at 3:13 am

    While the US allows these disgraceful examples of PAC money from ANY source, not just the despised AIPAC being the default US government Head Office, to influence the thinking of feckless and corruptible politicans, the kind of behaviour that we have seen this week in the attempted crucifixion of Chuck Hagel, will continue.

    On whose watch were such entities as PACs and Super Pac’s approved? What they are are not what the US needs They contribute nothing of value, just corruption.The manipulation of weak Senators such as we have witnessed, as has the whole world, reducing yet again, the creibility of a country fast becoming something of a laughing stock as the McCain’s of this world go about their dirty business in the pay of a foreign state, a pariah state at that.

    Yes, Senator Cruz is something of a joke, naive and almost childish in his attempt to appear intelligent in his acting performance at the hearings. And yes, he may have the look of another McCarthy and ask questions of no relevance at all and totally irrational, but he was allowed to do so,

    He represents what the US Senate could be like if we do not stop this erosion of government by Americans for Americans and tell Israel to manage its own affairs and for those whose allegiance to Iis so great they should return there, as soon as possible. They do not deserve a place in a country they are trying to bring down, one way or another.

  3. Debbie Menon  February 17, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Only a jew can make this obvious proclamation of truth on national television and not land himself in hot water: “Israelis control our government”

    Keep them coming guys! The survival of America is at stake!

    Goodonya Maher!

    An unaired sketch, posted online by NBC, lampoons the Defense secretary nominee’s Senate grilling—and, the ADL’s Abraham Foxman tells Lloyd Grove, reinforces the notion that Israel controls the government.

    • ricohands  February 18, 2013 at 3:34 am

      I do like what he has to say a lot of the time but he has said some pretty nasty stuff about Islam

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