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The Nazi holocaust: My response to my critics

The holocaust denial Debate

My main concern was and is that holocaust denial plays into Zionism’s hands. It reinforces in brainwashed Jewish minds the idea that the world has always been against Jews, always will be, and therefore anything and everything the Zionist (not Jewish) state does is justified.



by Alan Hart


In this shortish response to those in the comment space of my own web site and others including Veterans Today who criticized, ridiculed and condemned me for what I wrote in my last two posts (WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial, which was a follow-up to Understanding the real significance TODAY of the Nazi holocaust), I quote from a very long and in-depth interview with Samuel Crowell, the author of what some regard as the definitive books which make the case for Nazi holocaust revisionism.

On one very important aspect of the matter – in my view THE most important aspect – he and me are apparently in agreement. He says: “Revisionism tends to be extreme in its rejection of Nazi atrocities.” (Atrocities which he does not reject)

Though I put it in my own words that, actually, was more or less one of my own main points. But…

There is one thing I could have said, probably should have said, to give better context to what I did say. Holocaust denial is not mainstream in North America or Europe. What I mean is that most North Americans and Europeans are reasonably rational and don’t deny the generality of the holocaust – the generality being the fact that lots of Jews were killed, exterminated, whatever word one wants to use. In my post Understanding the real significance TODAY of the Nazi holocaust, I did actually say by obvious implication that there was, is, a case for revision in terms of the numbers. And here, too, it seems, Crowell and I are of one mind. He says, “The number of victims is an uninteresting argument.” I say it can be much more than that. It can be a diversion from the main point that many Jews were exterminated.

In my view those who do deny the generality are irrational and in some cases (some means not all!), as evidenced by comments on the Veterans Today website, are driven by rabid anti-Semitism (loathing and even hatred of Jews).

One indicator of irrationality is in my view, and for example, the knee-jerk response to me quoting Dr. Hajo Meyer, my very dear anti-Zionist Jewish friend who survived Auschwitz. He has to be lying, quite a few of my critics have asserted. Why, I ask, does he have to be lying?  (I know Hajo very well and have spent many, many hours in conversation with him over some years. We lectured and debated together in South Africa and he has shared public platforms with me in the UK). When he tells me Jews were gassed to death in Auschwitz, I believe him. I also note that Crowell does not exclude the possibility of evidence emerging to prove that some Jews were exterminated in gas chambers.

On the subject of the irrational ones I received the following advice from an American friend who campaigns for truth and justice.

“My advice to you Alan is to ignore them. I have had a LOT of experience dealing with them over the years and have concluded that they are some of the most irrational creatures on the planet. For the most part they are angry, disenfranchised, intellectually lazy and marginalized, with neither spouses nor children, and which I personally think forms the prime motivational energy for their ‘activism’ – the fact that they are bored, lonely and sexually frustrated.”

That is no doubt a considerable overstatement on my American friend’s part but I think there’s a good deal of probable truth in it.

I also think it’s more than possible that some of the deniers are doing Zionism’s business, paid or unpaid.

My main concern was and is that holocaust denial plays into Zionism’s hands. It reinforces in brainwashed Jewish minds the idea that the world has always been against Jews, always will be, and therefore anything and everything the Zionist (not Jewish) state does is justified.

I am NOT in principle against revising anything including the Nazi holocaust. (How could I be when my three-volume book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews is a complete revision of the whole history of the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel, exposing and then replacing Zionist propaganda nonsense with the documented truth of history? And thank God or somebody for Israeli “revisionist” meaning honest historians like my dear friend and ally in common cause Ilan Pappe). What I am against is revisionism of the kind that is denial by another name because, it bears repeating, that reinforces Zionism. (Those who read me on my own site know that I regard Zionism as evil).

In conclusion I have only this to say to those who assert that I am a clever propagandist for Zionism – You are bonkers (crazy)! Go see a psychiatrist and get some help. Or obtain and read my book – I dare you to do that.


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After the war, cries of Never Again were heard throughout Eastern Europe. NEVER AGAIN….

BUT, it is happening again on a daily basis. IT MUST STOP …. in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Syria, the list grows daily.

“Never Again” will we stand still while there is injustice in the world. “Never Again” will we keep silent while innocent people are being murdered. “Never Again” will we turn a blind eye while homes are being demolished. “Never Again” will we close our ears while civilians are being displaced. “Never Again” will we be silent in the face of tyranny and injustice. “Never Again” will we be silent.





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5 Responses to "The Nazi holocaust: My response to my critics"

  1. Rufus Peterson  February 10, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Evidently, it is better to believe that millions of people were gassed and incinerated by Germans in 2 years than to believe that Zionist calumny created a genocide myth out of an ethnic-cleansing reality. And this comes from a so-called Anti-Zionist!

    I do not think there are actually people who deny that something terrible happened to Jews during WW2. But anyone who messes with the official holocaust story gets called a “denier” and these people are the worst reprobates imaginable. And that’s anti-Zionism?

    I am unable to locate any shreds of logic in Hart’s vision, and I don’t think I’m alone.

    • ricohands  February 18, 2013 at 3:39 am

      No you are certainly not if you look at this article over on VT you will see the comments thinking the very same thing.

  2. RexW  February 10, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    I, like many others have spent time reading what could only be seen as many outrageously ill-informed comments following two previous articles by Alan Hart, this one being the third by way of explanation of the previous two, in as many weeks.

    The fault lies with what people have now come to see as the results of the devious mind of the Zionist, what they have achieved in places like America, where the Congress is controlled by a foreign state and where little appears to be in train to remove this continuing threat. That is a massive disappointment to many people who see no improvement or progress in removing the influence of organizations like AIPAC, year after year.

    I think I see in some of the offending comments, a reflection of this decades-old frustration.

    As a result of Zionist money, corruption, media control in all its forms, the world’s people have been conned for over 50 years. The failings of big governments such as the UK and the US, Canada, Australia and Europe allowed the weaknesses in the capitalist system to be so used by such cunning and well organized people which by then the Israeli Zionists had become, using all the holocaust blackmail tricks they had honed over time. They saw how successful they were with their well planned schemes such as :Never again”, as an example and all their up front marketing for the Jewish sideshow circuit of shrines, exhibitions and the like.

    And what was there then, offending many thinkers in the world, is still there today. Moving forward to counter this has just not occurred

    Let us not even mention the Leadership Conferences, or for want of a better phrase, “brainwashing” that form part of the Zionist planning cycle, annually. Search out if you will those senior public servants, military personnel and compliant politicians from your electorates who attend these Zionist sales efforts and direct your attention to them and the reasons they give to justify being bribed into attending such blatant propaganda exercises. Such lists of attendees are usually published as a requirement of openness or in most cases as an aid to further Israeli marketing by showing past successes by the Zionists. It is estimated that over 40% of senior military personnel have been willing parties to such indoctrination, seen, at least in the US, as a stairway to advancement.

    Think on that

    But I would respectfully counsel those who see no improvement in this situation, that is the insidious penetration by Zionists into all forms of government, year after year and who feel inclined to become as extreme as some of those comments to previous articles have indicated, that you are aiming your arrows in the wrong direction.

    I do not agree with Alan Hart all the time.

    I think that he often has a tendency to be far more optimistic than is warranted. But his interpretation and heavily emphasized statements saying that by continually engaging in being a denier, contributes to the on-going success of the Zionists campaign for the reasons he has stated………

    ….. to my mind, this statement is unchallengeable.

  3. wallaceduffy  February 10, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    “When he tells me Jews were gassed to death in Auschwitz, I believe him.”



  4. arthurgodfrey  February 10, 2013 at 8:29 am

    When one collects benefits from an insurance company or the government, one does not make one application and collect benefits for eternity with no further questions. One must repeatedly reaffirm and reprove the damages and injuries which one is collecting benefits for. When Israel chose to collect Political and Financial benefits from the holocaust, Israel itself opened the holocaust to continuing questions. Israel SOLD their “ownership” of the story to those from whom Israel collects benefits (You and Me, the Taxpayers).

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