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President Obama : Chuck knows that war is not an abstraction

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It’s a double whammy- a one-two punch!

Hagel is the man to clean house at the Pentagon. Hagel nomination is a sign that Obama is sending a message that things are changing.

Well done President Obama!

Hagel’s nomination (a done deal as of today) is showing signs of forcing repugs, zios and war hawks in general out in the open to display the exact nature of their Cause and Ammo– in other words what IS their whole case against Hagel, a decorated vet? He is also a Repug, so what is their prob with him anyway? The argument has forced the whole issue of Zio control into the public eye.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard who has been leading the charge against Hagel is also peddling other long-held grievances– plus the gay thing– no doubt to take some of the edge off their own “anti-semite” knife bite and dilute that whole argument with other squabbly red-herrings.

Former Democratic congressman from Massachusetts (Barney Frank) who retired after 32 years in the House is asking the state’s governor to appoint him to fill out Senator Kerry’s term once he is confirmed as Secretary of State. Why? Not something he has coveted, BUT Frank – who is liberal, gay and Jewish – would be one more vote against Hagel for SecDef, and a catylyst for other Democrats to do likewise.


Opposition to Hagel may be softening


The Back Channel Al-Monitor


As President Obama nominated Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense Monday, opposition to the choice appeared to be receding somewhat.

“Chuck knows war is not an abstraction,” Obama said in a ceremony in the White House East Room. Hagel “understands that sending young American to fight in the dirt and the mud is something we only do when absolutely necessary.”

Several groups and political leaders said Monday they would not formally oppose the choice, though some admitted to being lukewarm. Among them, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League, and former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who earlier said he opposed the choice.

“I was hoping the president wouldn’t nominate him,” former Rep. Barney Frank told the Boston Globe  Monday. However, Frank added, while he resented what Hagel said in 1998 regarding the candidacy of an openly gay ambassador nominee, for which he has since apologized, “the question now is going to be Afghanistan and scaling back the military,” he said. “In terms of the policy stuff, if he would be rejected [by the Senate], it would be a setback for those things.”

“Senator Hagel would not have been my first choice, but I respect the president’s prerogative,” Abraham H. Foxman, ADL’s national director, said in a statement Monday.

“AIPAC does not take positions on presidential nominations,” the group’s spokesman Marshall Wittman said by email Monday. Perhaps easing the group’s concerns about the appointment, the Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg reported, the fact that White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew reached out to AIPAC’s executive director Howard Kohr last week to argue the case for Hagel.

Meantime, two former officers with the Republican gay rights group the Log Cabin Republicans took to Twitter Monday to say they dissented with the group’s ads opposing Hagel’s nomination.

“This Hagel is ‘anti-gay’ smear campaign is disgraceful and a damn lie,” Chris R. Barron, the former national director for Log Cabin Republicans, wrote on Twitter. “Fact: Chuck Hagel has a better record on gay rights than Mitt Romney.”

The most vocal anti-Hagel activists on Monday appeared to be the Bill Kristol-led GOP outfit, the Emergency Committee for Israel, (which also opposed Obama’s election), the Republican Jewish Coalition (which also opposed Obama’s election), the head of the Israel Project, a non-profit group, columnist Jennifer Rubin, and the current leadership of the Log Cabin Republicans, which took out newspaper ads against Hagel in recent days. (The Emergency Committee for Israel bought the Internet domain on January 2nd, Buzzfeed reported.)

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric  Cantor (R-Virginia), the only Republican Jewish member of Congress, also expressed opposition to the nomination Monday, though his chamber of Congress doesn’t vote on the matter.

Texas Republican Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, as well as South Carolina’s Lindsay Graham have in recent days suggested they were likely to vote against Hagel.

Fellow former Vietnam veteran Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), however, a leading Senate hawk who has a long and complicated friendship with the Nebraska Republican, released a nuanced statement, congratulating Hagel for his nomination and praising him for his honorable service in Vietnam. But, McCain said, he has “serious concerns” about some of Hagel’s positions on national security matters he would be asking about in his confirmation hearing.

If confirmed, Hagel would be the first enlisted soldier and Vietnam combat veteran to lead the Pentagon.

President Obama said that experience has made Hagel a champion for the troops sent to fight and die, in implicit contrast to Washington’s cadre of armchair warriors. “My frame of reference is geared to the guy at the bottom who is doing the fighting and the dying,” Obama cited Hagel.

(Photo: AP)

Laura Rozen writes the Back Channel news-blog for Al-Monitor. She previously served as senior foreign policy reporter for Politico and Yahoo News, and wrote the “Cable” blog for Foreign Policy magazine. She is based in Washington, D.C. You can follow her on Twitter at @lrozen

Rozen has reported from the Balkans, Russia and Turkey and earned a masters degree in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. Her reporting has also been published by the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, the Forward, the Tablet, National Journal, Mother Jones, the American Prospect and the Washington Monthly. She has appeared as a guest on CNN, NPR, the BBC, MSNBC and other public affairs programs. She is also a columnist for World Politics Review.


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7 Responses to "President Obama : Chuck knows that war is not an abstraction"

  1. Boris  January 7, 2013 at 11:14 pm


    I would be interested how you come to that conclusion or is this just another hasbara distraction as with the raising of Hagel’s comment on gays, years ago, already refuted by the gays themselves; the fact he didn’t graduate from West Point, no one seems to mind that one, and on it goes. By the time Hagel is confimed everyone will know on what side he dresses, his brand of sox, his first romance, how many sugars in his coffee and the size of the shrapnel in his chest and where it was made.

    If you have a problem with ‘our Constitution’ as related to the President, let us know, please. We would all like to know. As for myself, he has my vote on all he is trying to do for the US. Getting it back into US control, away from the Israeli gremlins is a good start

    As for Israel and retribution, nothing would surprise anyone in relation to that bunch of ‘self-destructing psychotics’ (not my words, Kimmmm, but a psychiatrist) and their habits with false flags, Mossad assassinations and the like, are well documented. One of those, perhaps 9/11, will come home to bite them one day, mark my words.

    They just wonderful people, loved by all. So much to recommend them. Who wouldn’t want to be their friend

  2. Kimmmm  January 7, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    I wouldn’t say well done “President” Obama. Obama never qualified for President under our Constitution. Also, watch for retribution from Israel. Maybe that was the plan all along?

    • DaveE  January 8, 2013 at 5:33 pm

      I agree. Obama is a complete coward, at best, even if he means well, which remains to be seen. But even complete cowards get tired of being bullied and since this is his last term, Obama may not want to be remembered as the guy who sold America to Satan.

      He’s still playing both sides of the fence, however and he’s got a LOT of ground to make up before he will convince anyone his intentions are good. Everyone I know hates him, albeit for different reasons, they just hated Romney even more.

      My prediction is he will try to take away our guns, Americans will say “FU”, the states will succeed from the Union and the American Experiment will die before a shot is fired. Isn’t there something in “Revelations” about that?

      • Debbie Menon  January 8, 2013 at 8:23 pm

        Most of you are intelligent enough to know that you cannot charge a gun with a murder. You have to identify and locate the source of the fingerprints on the gun in order to find the killer.

        How to fix it?

        You want to know who to blame, look for the folks who own and manage the Bus Company.

        Clue? Their Offices are in an ancient land which they have invaded and usurped authority at the point of a gun, and set up shop in someone else’s building.

        Figure out who owns YOUR Bus Company, and hires the drivers and gives the orders, and who holds the gun pointed at his head to enforce them.

        Then, take names, lay blame, and kick ass!

        It’s time people learned and began to take the bull by the horns and turned things around ?
        Problem is, even when they study history, they only remember selectively.

        Probably the most courageous and unsung warriors were the Spartans who took a suicidal stand at Thermoplae against the invading Persians, a futile gesture, but good enough to slow them down sufficiently for the rest of the Greeks to muster an army and prepare for them. A small body of men, against an entire Army, who found something worth dying for!

        Not many like them left today!

        The job of the US President is the toughest job on the planet today. A coward would have opted out for the good life! Many have!

  3. rexw  January 7, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    My letter to the newspapers in Australia….

    “Chuck Hagel, as Defence Secretary will help steer the US back into reduced military hegemony, reduced Defence spending and less chance for a continuing series of cruel wars and sanctions. But most importantly, he could make the US become what it once was, a respected leader controlling its own destiny rather than the self-centred and insidious aims of Israel, a malady from which Australia, Europe and the UK suffer as well.

    One would like to think that over in America where they appear to be more Jewish groups acting on behalf of a foreign country than there are different types of bread in the whole country, that there are also those groups of Veterans, learned academics, humanists and real patriots who will make it known to the Senate confirmation hearing members that their questions are being reocrded and analysed.


    To determine if they are, or are not patriots, not the slaves and lackeys of the insidious groups that work night and day for a foreign state, Israel, recognised as the most selfish, warlike and arrogant country in the world. Let us see if the questions asked reflect anything but American interests.

    Let us trust that the right number of Senators required for this hearing can be found, the right number that is, who are not tainted already by graft, corruption and loyalty to a foreign state.
    If it was a Congressional hearing, this could be a real problem.

    The world is watching, Senators as are the voters in your respective states, hopefully.

  4. rhys  January 7, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Certainly as the heading states “opposition to Hagel may be softening”. and why would it not be so?

    But not because it is wrong, however, but because the Jewish fraternity in all its guises of hated Neocons like Abrams, Feith, Wieden, Wolfowitz, Zionists like Kristol, Foxman and thousands of othersand fellow travellers like Ms Clinton, sycophants like 80% of the Congress and receivers of largesse from AIPAC like a majority of Senators. These people are not stupid and they certainly know when to go to ground so as to be able to emerge another day and fight their dirty fight, knowing that even then the voters in the US will still not be fully aware of all this group’s transgressions over the past 50 years.

    Yes, these people have American passports, citizenship but are not real AMERICANS. Never. You cannot serve two masters

    Whatever else one could say about the Jews, they are not stupid. How could they get to control America over this time if they were stupid? How do you buy up key media (90% at today’;s counting), the banking industry with the involvement of Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs and on, Hollywood, top to bottom, key communications industries, defense industries, use pressure to gain commerclal contracts for Israel from the US government per courtesy of the all familiar graft and corruption ticket and to top it all off, use their contacts to spy on the same unsuspecting US government, time and time again.

    But call them criminals, spies, fifth columnists and you in the sights of the Anti-Defamation League run by one of the arch anti-American Zionists, funded from Israel

    It’s a farce.. These are the anomalies that have developed with the connivance of a weak US Congress. They must be stamped out, now.

    So, whatever you do, don’t give any credit to the US Jewish fraternity when Chuck Hagel receives his confirmation to begin his journey to contribute to the recovery of a once-respected nation. The Jews know they are in the spotlight.
    Know when to back off.

    But don’t let up. They won’t.

    • Debbie Menon  January 7, 2013 at 10:31 pm

      So KUDOS go to Obama for finally pulling the trigger and flying Hagel after the trial balloon.

      Susan Rice didn’t make it that far, and at this point I’ll say that has to have been a good thing.

      The tipping point on the Zio power has been sped up by 5 five years.

      Apparently, military contracting needs to get under control, where a lot of the Israeli espionage is taking place all on the US taxpayer dollar and Hagel is the man to take on this kind of stuff.

      Critics have hammered Hagel for not joining most of his Senate colleagues in signing on to a number of policy pronouncements that sometimes were sought by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the influential pro-Israel lobbying organization in Washington.

      “How does that further the peace process in the Middle East?” Hagel asked. “What’s in Israel’s interest is to help Israel…”

      “I didn’t sign on to certain resolutions and letters because they were counter-productive and didn’t solve a problem,” Hagel said.

      Ignore the apologies and back peddling that will be forced to follow, keep your eyes on the actions.

      Whether Hagel’s nomination is opposed or approved, the signal has been sent by Obama loud and clear; the tide is in fact shifting right on schedule!

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