Crucial Update: Netanyahu Says No to Ground Operation


by Gilad Atzmon


Ynet reported a few hours ago that Netanyahu gave private assurances to US President Obama that Israel is not planning a ground operation in Gaza yet.

“According to two American officials who were briefed on the phone conversation between Netanyahu and Obama, the PM said Israel  would not consider a full-scale ground invasion of Gaza unless there was escalation from Hamas or an attack that caused significant casualties.”

The verdict is clear, PM Netanyahu tries to avoid his predecessors’ mistakes. But can he? The Israelis want to see blood, they are desperate for a victory, they want to see Gaza and the Hamas wiped out.

Interestingly enough, Israel and Netanyahu’s paralysis is the natural and inevitable outcome of the Jewish collective obsession with power. They can kill, they can destroy, they can deliver misery to the entire region but for some reason they never prevail.

By the time they win the battle they are shocked to find out that they’ve lost the war.


Editor’s note: 

Obama phones Erdogan & Morsi , Hamas asked to restrain & resist.


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