Israeli regime fabricated via cover-up: Alison Weir

The Israeli regime has been created through early Zionist machinations that took advantage of the US and British weaknesses during World War I, a prominent activist tells Press TV.

“The true author of the Balfour Declaration was not Mr. Balfour. It was actually a man name Leopold Amery who was in fact a Zionist and a British man of Jewish background.” — Alison Weir


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The Israeli entity has its roots in the Balfour Declaration, a formal statement of policy by the British government on November 2, 1917 regarding the establishment of a “Jewish homeland” in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alison Weir, the president of the Council for the National Interests, from Sacramento, to discuss the issue. Weir is joined by Sameh Habeeb of the Palestine Return Center, from London, and Mukhaimer Abu Sa’ada, a professor at the Gaza al-Azhar University, from Gaza. The following is a rough transcription of the interview with Weir.

Press TV: Do you think that since the creation of the Israeli regime, it has been guilty of committing war crimes? If you do believe that it has been, should the UK then be held responsible for supporting war criminals and enabling Tel Aviv to continue to ignore international law?

Weir: Certainly there’s no doubt that Israel has been guilty of war crimes from early on through to the present time. So that part has been well documented by numerous human rights organizations and legal entities have documented that part.

In terms of the British responsibility especially regarding the Balfour Declaration, there’s a very, very important back story to this that is probably one of the most covered up aspects of this very covered up issue.

Leopold Amery, 1930, National Portrait Gallery drafter of the Balfour Declaration.

The fact is that it came out in a book a few years ago and in a few articles by Professor William Rubenstein who is a very well regarded Jewish British historian. He’s a member of the Royal Historical Society. He was president of the Jewish Historical Society of England.

He wrote that the true author of the Balfour Declaration was not Mr. Balfour. It was actually a man name Leopold Amery who was in fact a Zionist and a British man of Jewish background.

As Rubenstein wrote in his book and in his article that was published in history today, he called this the most remarkable example of concealment in 20th century British history.

Amery not only wrote the Balfour Declaration, he later took credit for it. Most of this has not been mentioned by many people. As I say, it’s enormously covered up. But there’s a quote in which he says, “I seem to have had my finger in the pie not only of the Balfour Declaration but of the genesis of the present Israeli army.”

This is important information what’s going on behind the scenes now. Many of us know certainly here in the United States the power of the Israeli lobby is extremely significant and pervasive. This goes back for many decades.

Now we’ve learned through this excellent research by Mr. Rubenstein that the Balfour Declaration itself was written by a Zionist and it was pushed, as you said earlier, this was in 1917, it was negotiated in 1916.

Well, in 1916, Britain was in the middle of what we now call World War I, what was then called the Great War. They were in danger of losing that war. In 1916, the British lost approximately 100,000 soldiers in one day in the Battle of the Sun. In just one day, in one battle, they lost 100,000 people.

They were desperate. The Zionists came to them with a promise that if they passed a resolution in which they would support the Zionist push for “a home in Palestine”, that they would get Americans to come in on the side of Britain in World War I.

This has then been referred to by a number of officials.

Press TV: Mrs. Alison Weir, [you’re] definitely shaking your head in disagreement with [Mr. Sa’ada] statements; why is that the case?

Weir: Well, I can understand the statement and certainly there’s a great deal of culpability to go around. Britain and the US are very responsible in horrifying ways for what is going on and for the tragedy.

But in reality, again, I’ve done a great deal of research into this aspect of it over the last 12 years, and the fact is, as we’ve found with Britain and then in the United States, when you research what was actually going on, you find that the State Department, the Pentagon, diplomats in the United States were consistently saying that supporting Zionism would be very damaging to United States’ interests; that it would not only violate basic principles that most Americans, I think, believe in, but that it would damage the US.

The US had very good relations in the Arab world. There was no reason to support this tiny movement that was for many years extremely insignificant. There were diplomatic cables that were saying that.

Press TV: So, what happened?

Weir: What happened that in the United States as in Britain, the top rung of government are the elected officials. Elected officials have one goal that they all share no matter what party they’re from, they all want to be reelected. To get reelected, they need campaign donations for them and they need to prevent campaign donations to go against them.

What we’ve consistently found in the United States back from over 60 years ago through today is that campaign donations will come in on the side of candidates who promise to support Zionism and support Israel, and they will be opposed to candidates who say that they will not support Zionism.

From the very beginning, Harry Truman said to his experts in the State Department who were saying ‘do not sacrifice US interests just for the cause of an election’, he said, ‘gentlemen, I have 100,000 voters eager for the state of Israel, I do not have 100,000 Arabs among my voters’. That’s the mentality that has run US interests ever since.

Press TV: Has there been a Zionist takeover of your country?

Weir: That’s a stronger way than I would phrase it, but US policies have consistently been dominated by the Zionist discourse, by this very powerful lobby.

If you go to our website, you’ll see the kind – I’m talking about millions and millions and millions of dollars among dozens of organizations that dominate Washington DC when it comes to policies in the Middle East, and it’s been going on for a long time.

Press TV: You were once again nodding in disagreement [with previous guest speaker Mr. Sa’ada]; your take on the same question.

Weir: Actually, in this case I think there is a great deal of agreement. I think the numbers – my understanding is that there are, I think, only about six or seven million Muslims in the United States, but I may be incorrect in that. But certainly I agree with much of what was said.

The fact is though, the reason I think it is very difficult for Arabs and Muslims and others of us to oppose this very powerful Israeli lobby in the United States is that when you come in late and without as much money, it’s much more difficult. We’re coming into a game that is somewhat fixed. They’ve been working on this issue for a great, great many, many years.

Just one individual, let me give you one example. We have Sheldon Adelson who is a very strong Zionist, a very strong supporter of Israel, who has said that he may donate as much as 100 million dollars in this single presidential campaign. That’s one person.

There’s Haim Saban who donates. Adelson donates to the Republicans, mostly. Haim Saban is an Israeli American who donates a huge amount of money, millions of dollars to the Democrats. It’s very difficult.



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2 Comments for “Israeli regime fabricated via cover-up: Alison Weir”

  1. Some great historical truth, here. Thank you Debbie and Alison.

    Why is it that everything about the zionists reads like a gangster movie? Oh, wait, I guess that’s because they ARE a gangster movie…….

  2. The Zionists always point back to the Balfour Declaration as part of the “legal” basis for the Zionist state, saying, “Look, the British gave it to us.”

    Oh, but wait. Turns out the Balfour Declaration was written by a Jewish Zionist. Leopold Amery’s mother was Jewish.

    LET’S GET THIS on CNN–oh, that’s right; that isn’t allowed. You know who rules you by the people you can’t talk about. Well, I guess that means that we have to do it the old-fashioned way–WORK. WORKING AS HARD AS WE CAN BY WRITING AND TALKING TO EVERYONE WE KNOW.

    Thanks Alison, and thanks Debbie.

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