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Top appellate veterans’ court fixing veterans’ cases

Vietnam War veteran - Veterans court of last resort defaming service, slandering Vietnam War combat veterans

The top appelate court of last resort for veterans filing claims, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), is known around veterans’ circles for its mendacity and anti-veteran bias.


Now, a Vietnam veteran, has launched a new video (below) that makes clear he has been defamed, falsely accused of a dishonorable discharge(!) by the judges composing the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). CAFC has jurisdiction over the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) and harbors an animus towards veterans that ought to shock this country.


United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Is Fixing Veterans' Cases Against Veterans

By Billy Kidwell


The video below is not just damning of this court and would be seem improbable except that every word of it is true.

Veterans to CAFC judges: If you think I’m slandering you, sue me!


Watch the videos below; links follow as well:

We have seen a lot here, nothing like this.

By Vets for Justice

The Case of Billy Ray Kidwell, Sue Frasier, Tom Hubbard, and untold numbers of other Veterans, proves that cases are being FIXED against America’s Veterans in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

A video at YouTube exposing evidence of corruption, and the FIXING of cases by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, also exposes a massive hate against America’s Disabled Veterans, Intentional lies, and the Slandering of Disabled Veterans, by the Court.

That video has received OVER 240 hits in it’s first two days, and the number is rapidly growing.

If the number of hits continues to grow there WILL be substantial national media coverage in a couple of weeks when the number of hits reaches several thousand.

An investigation has revealed that Veterans that proceed “Pro Se”, which means on their own because they cannot afford an Attorney, are denied all fairness, all access to the “Rules”, and denied “Due Process”, and even their Basic Human Rights.

For example, no motion filed by a Veteran is given any “Meaningful” consideration, even when the DVA does not oppose the motion, and most appear to not even be read by the Appeals Court, but just Rubber-Stamped DENIED by the Clerk of the Appeals Court.

Veterans are denied access to Rule 33 Conferences because it is Pre-Determined by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that Pro Se Veterans will lose their case.

Cases cited by Veterans are completely ignored.

Evidence submitted by Veterans is completely ignored, even when the DVA does not contest the evidence.

There is no honesty by the Court, at all, and Veterans are treated like they have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, which appears to be true.

And should a Veteran dare complain the Court will harass them, and slander them in the judgment ORDER because the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is STRONGLY Anti-American and harbors an intense hate for America’s Troops, and Disabled Veterans.

Kidwell, enlisted in the Army, and volunteered for every dangerous assignment, including, as noted by Administrative Law Judge Farr at a Social Security Trial, “being alone in villages, and in far more danger than other troops are exposed to in Vietnam due to Kidwell volunteering to work in small villages with the Local Nationals”.

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, knowing, and having evidence, that Kidwell’s Army service was extremely honorable, and even knowing that two (2) United States Presidents sent Kidwell personal letters thanking him for his extremely honorable Military Service, KNOWINGLY, and INTENTIONALLY, lied in it’s Court ORDER fraudulently claiming that Kidwell had a “Dishonorable Army Discharge”.

Kidwell has NEVER had a bad Military Discharge! His military Discharge clearly says HONORABLE on it.

This outrageous Anti-American Act by the second highest Court in this Country, during a time of war, proves that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit harbors a very strong, Anti-American HATE against America’s Disabled Veterans that is affecting the Court’s Decisions, and treatment of America’s Disabled Veterans.

THEREFORE, we DEMAND that every case that has been before the strongly Anti-American, and Anti-Veteran, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit be Re-Opened and investigated for corruption.

The evidence is clear that the Appeals Court is FIXING cases against America’s Veterans.

We DEMAND a Criminal Investigation by President Obama of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and an independent investigation by the Judiciary Committees in the Senate, and in Congress.

YOU can help us reach that goal!

If YOU had a case before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit PLEASE join us in demanding an investigation.

1. Get as many Veterans as you can to view our Video at .

2. Write your local Newspaper Editor, we NEED as much media exposure as we can get.

3. Write President Obama and the Senate, and Congressional, Judiciary Committees. It is an election year and Veterans have far more clout than usual.

Together we can get the corrupt judges cheating America’s Veterans exposed.

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