Updated: Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Common-Sense Plan

By: Tom Dillman


As your Veteran brother, I’m bringing you this update to Cain’s 9-9-9 Common-Sense Economic Plan because some Veterans, their families and other readers are being confused by the Media and Presidential Competitors who quite frankly either don’t understand numbers OR think  Cain’s solution is too simple.

The fact is, as I will quickly show you, Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan does work.  That doesn’t mean Congress and the Senate will approve it, because most of those folks have made a career out of confusing the Public (We the People) for their own personal gains.  You know it, I know it, and best of all, THEY– the Politicos and Bureaucrats relish in the personal wealth scam they’ve got going.

On September 23, 2011 Herman Cain announced on Fox News his 9-9-9  plan has been scored and shown to be revenue neutral for the Federal Government. Other evaluators have said it will increase the Gross Domestic Product by 5% per year and reduce unemployment by 50%.  One of our VNN  commentors said, “Never, never, never!”  So, let’s see!

** Currently the Federal Government — if they follow their own budget guidelines – needs $ 2.17 Trillions per year to operate as is. 

** Under Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan,  the Taxable  Cash flow Receipts in the following major amounts per year:

$12.5  Trillions From Personal Taxpayers (We the People )

$  1.0  Trilli0ns From Net Corporate Income  & Corporate Dividends

$10.0  Trillions From Consumer Spending 

$23.5  Trillions 9-9-9 Taxable Income

$ 2.15 Trillions 9-9-9 Operating Cash for the Federal Government 

** As you can see, Cain’s 9-9-9 plan of $2.15 Trillions is pretty damn close to the Federal Governments loose fitting need of $2.17 Trillions per year.

This 9-9-9 tax rate will put tremendous pressure on investors from around the world to pour money back into the U.S. Economy. will spur U.S. businesses to expand and create a huge volume of new American jobs.  I’m always happy and open for comments. 



As a Veteran, I need to say, whether you vote for Herman Cain or not, even choose for him to  run for your party or not, this is a man who speaks common-sense.   Whether his solutions are perfectly tuned or not, I don’t know yet. But, at least he has the framework of solutions that make sense for us Vets, makes sense for our families—young, old, and in-between–and makes sense for America NOW and IN THE FUTURE.  Is he a Politician? Happily, no.  Is he a loud-mouth, hand-me-everything, do-nothing type? Nope; sorry; he’s the wrong guy if you need that to make your life appear meaningful. 

But, if you want a guy who is for us, the folks, regardless of our skin tint, our particular religion—or none, who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, who only cares about ALL Americans and their economic well-being, then look deeply at this man’s qualifications.

Enjoy his solution below!

Herman’s Weekly Commentary: “Mr. President, You’re Fired”
Having served on the Board of Directors of several major corporations over the last twenty years, I have had the responsibility of voting to hire a new CEO, and voting to fire a current CEO many times. In both instances the decision was based on assessed potential and performance.

Directors hold CEOs responsible for results, and the prudent use of company resources such as cash, equity and human resources. Specific metrics are established for both annual and multi-year performance, which are evaluated in making the hire or fire decision.

If a CEO is underperforming and on the brink of being fired, then we look to see if he or she has identified the right problem, and, has established a plan of action to get things back on track. If the plan is convincing and the performance metrics were missed by a reasonable amount, then he or she would be given a specific amount of time to get back on track.

The Board has to decide what’s convincing, what’s reasonable and how much time should be allowed for a course correction. Then take action.

President Obama’s economic policies have failed unreasonably. He has no plan for a course correction. He has promised a plan for focusing on job creation since he has been in office. He has had nearly three years to get it right, and now he wants a month to write another speech, following a three day bus tour that produced nothing but a bunch of photo-ops. We are not convinced we will hear anything new. A Board’s action would be unanimous.

Mr. President, you’re fired.

I realize that only the voters can fire President Barack Obama in November of 2012. But his performance and his potential plan for serious economic growth are not likely to change anything. The Board of Directors would have no choice.

But America has a choice. Elect Herman Cain president in 2012.

Here’s Phase 1 of my economic growth plan. It’s called the 9-9-9 plan.

  • A 9% business flat tax

Gross income less all investments, all purchases from other businesses,
and all dividends paid to shareholders.

  • A 9% individual income flat tax

Gross income less charitable deductions

  • A 9% national sales tax

This significantly expands the tax base which helps everybody.

This plan has the following advantages:

  • It is fair, revenue neutral, transparent and efficient
  • Zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits
  • Replaces the payroll tax
  • Will aid capital availability for small businesses
  • Saves taxpayers $430 billion in annual compliance costs
  • It eliminates the uncertainty holding this economy down

Current economic conditions call for bold moves to boost and supercharge this economy. If we are in an economic recovery as the administration claims, this economy is still 6 million jobs below the worst recovery since the Great Depression. The latest evidence shows that we are still in economic decline.

This plan is bold and doable. It has been developed and analyzed by some of the best economic minds in the nation. Remember, I surround myself with good people. That’s the key to my success and it will continue to be.

I offer this plan to the president, the Congress and the “super committee”. I could wait until after I am elected president, but America can’t keep waiting.

Struggling businesses and fifteen million unemployed people can’t wait.

We need serious economic growth NOW! Please Mr. President, just do it!


If you want to send the clear message to President Obama that Americans want a problem solving leader with Common Sense Solutions, support Herman Cain.

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36 Comments for “Updated: Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Common-Sense Plan”

  1. Well, now, Dillman, this is getting to be more like it! More like what we need in this country instead of race-baiting and race-hating. Let the canditates and other politicians stand on their merits, not on their divisive, discouraging tongues.


    • NL, we are going to get there despite the bigots who find it to their personal advantages to keep the race silliness going on, and on, and on.


  2. My main concern is that with the 9% individual flat tax, without allowing deduction of mortgage interest, home sails will decline even more. He needs to have something somewhere to cover this otherwise the plan leaves a big hole.

    • Hi Thomas – He’s on Greta Van Susteren at Fox News this evening, to talk about his 9-9-9 plan. Hopefully your comment will be addressed.

    • The deduction is irrelevant if nobody is working, nobody has a down payment and nobody has a decent income. Want to “save or create” qualified buyers? The 9/9/9 plan would stimulate home sales by putting more money in people’s pockets…that alone would affect the income ratios used by lending institutions in the underwriting process. Prospective buyers would qualify both for more loans and higher loans. Lower taxes and economic growth is good for all industries, including real estate. With more disposable income, there is also more spending–this creates jobs, which opens the door to more qualified buyers. The question to ask is “what is the net effect?”. If you pay $1K/month in interest, that is $12K in deductible interest. At a 15% tax rate, you save $1,800. If your income tax drops from 15% to 9%, how much would you save? The 6% reduction on $50K would be $3K. Are you better off now, or before?

      • Lolly, you got the picture right on. Well done! Well said! Simple and logical. I like it as does Herman!


  3. Go Herman Go! We middle Americans ha’ve got your six man!

  4. Article => “But, if you want a guy who is for us, the folks, regardless of our skin tint, our particular religion—or none, who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, who only cares about ALL Americans and their economic well-being, then look deeply at this man’s qualifications.”

    T.V. I like this. He sounds and speaks like a real, smart person. He get my attention!

    T.V. First Cav Vet

  5. Hey Tom, I know he’s not a loud-mouth, incessantly talking politician, but “Papa Cain” does have a big voice!

    Charlie from California

  6. I meant to add, I LIKE Papa Cain’s big voice. If he doesn’t get the GOP nod at the Convention, I’d still want to see him somewhere in the Cabinet. I can see several places where he’d be a great fit for “We the People”, yes, us little folks.


  7. Yeh, Charlie — Papa Cain DOES have a big set of vocals — he seems to be a rather smart dude, also.

    Kitty F.

  8. You’re (no, I mean Herman) are beginning to convince me. Now if he could clone Gingrich and “Two Dog, Shovel Ready Johnson” as his running mates, America could finally laugh at all this shit; and then get on down the road to prosperity!

    T.P. 342

  9. Keep on rolling, Herman Cain! Your fun to watch!

  10. At a minimum, this guy HAS to be in the next Cabinet. At a minimum! Maybe even running the whole show. Let’s see how it all plays out over the coming months.

  11. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan was VERY interesting. I still have a couple questions — we’ll see if they’re answered in the next “debate”.


  12. I’m defintely for Papa Cain. I’d love to see Cain vs. Unable Obama.

  13. Papa Cain’s the real deal. He really has to screw up to love my vote. Go Herman go!

    I must explain my name. When I was a young, Western country white dude and got sucked into the Service, I got off the bus at a station in the South. It was a long ride and I really needed to “drain my radiator”. I went into the nearest Men’s Room and black gentleman walked up to me and said I was in the wrong place. I asked, “Isn’t this the Men’s room?” He answered, “Yes, but it’s for black Men’s only.”

    I couldn’t believe my ears, so I drained my radiator anyway, with a lot of strange looks from the other users of the place. It was right then, I said to myself, “This shit’s gonna change before I die.”

    Now, Herman and I are about the same age, and guess what, “This shit has changed. Halleluja!”

    • My response typing error (it’s hell to be getting old): “He really has to screw up to love my vote.”

      should be => “to LOSE my vote.” Once again, go Herman go! we’re with you Papa Cain!

  14. I had an interesting discussion with a friend at dinner this evening. We were discussing Cain’s 9-9-9 among other things when it occurred to both of us, if Papa Cain spells it all out in detail, Obama is sure to grab it, run with it up until the election, claim it is all his idea, and then after the election, he’ll return to the failed samo-samo crapshoot of the last 3 years.

  15. At first, I was a non-believer in Cain. But, if he gets the nomination and picks a professional politician to help march his common-sense ideas throough Washington, he could be just what the country ordered.

    Watching him ever closer…

    T.P. 649

  16. Cain and Rubio? Cain and Gingrich? Cain and Perry? Cain and Romney? Cain and Bachmann? Cain and Huntsman? Cain and Santorum? Cain and Paul? Interesting scenarios.

  17. Folks, I’m excited about the debate tomorrow. I loved listening to Cain this past weekend. He’s so on!

  18. Cain looked good tonight in New Hampshire. Actually, everybody looked like they could beat Obama if they set their minds to it. But then, this was just a primary debatable.

    • Actually, Gary, because of the massive and purposeful screw-up, very few of us got to watch the debate. We few that did were very, very lucky, indeed.


  19. Man, this story, as it should, has serious LEGS in news media parlance. And it should.

  20. I like the update. Makes sense.

  21. Herman Cain’s story, love him or leave him, is what makes America great. Thanks Tom D. for helping to keep us Veterans informed — and that what we fought for is still as valuable now as it was at the time our lives were at great risk.

  22. Cain is still going and climbing ever higher in the polls. Can he win? If he puts the right team around himself, it’s VERY possible.

    • I’ll be updating the 9-9-9 proposal soon. It seems Cain has solved the one major functional issue that CAN affect disabled and retired Citizens and Vets.

      cheers to you all.


  23. Howdy 9-9-9 Plan — we dig your message! We can twist it anyway we want! Enjoy and thanks for being a fellow (or gal) American

    Tom – great, great, great grandson of Thomas Jefferson

Comments are closed


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