Righthaven to Fed Judge: My dog ate my court representations

Righthaven’s shameless disregard for facts in its arrogant answer to a Nevada federal judge demanding the troll show cause why it should not be sanctioned for concealing its lawsuit mill may spell its doom

By Michael Leon

Righthaven has targeted and unsuccessfully sued our veterans, but now this Internet troll has to defend its intentional misrepresentations to a federal judge who demanded satisfactory answers or sanctions against this deceitful band of liars.

Righthaven said in reply that a “former in house counsel” and its failure to appreciate the federal court rules are the culprit for misrepresentations made in federal court.

That won’t fly.

Attorneys are expected to file as facts and representations to the Court, factual contentions that have evidentiary support or, if specifically so identified, will likely have evidentiary support after a reasonable opportunity for further investigation or discovery.

Righthaven Victims, which monitors and challenges this troll, quotes its response:

“Their only answer was this unnamed rogue in-house counsel screwed up. ”

For the foregoing reasons, Righthaven respectfully requests that the Court find its failure to comply with Local Rule 7.1-1 through its former in house counsel does not rise to the level of sanctionable conduct given the circumstances described herein. Moreover, Righthaven has taken corrective action in response to the Court’s June 14th Order by filing amended disclosure statements in almost 120 pending cases in within this District and within the District of Colorado. Dated this 28th day of June, 2011.

Moreover, as noted by writer Steve Green, “Righthaven – which sues over alleged online infringements of Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post material – responded Wednesday that [federal Judge Roger] Hunt’s ‘factually brazen’ commentary ‘inaccurately implies that Righthaven intentionally failed to comply’ with the disclosure rule.”

So, Righthaven lies over 270 times in federal court and when a federal judge calls them and its attorneys on it, its response is the federal judge is being “factually brazen.”

Eric Goldman, who has commented on Righthaven’s lawsuit mill, writes in a comment at Righthaven Vicitms:

There are two parts that are characteristically disingenuous. First, Mangano throws [attorneys] Coons and Chu under the bus, but [Righthaven's Steve] Gibson signed the Democratic Underground complainttoo. Second, this motion only addresses the Democratic Underground filing, but what about the 270+ other complaints that were equally defective–some of which Mangano signed himself? Righthaven can’t blame Coons and Chu for all of those.

 Goldman’s blog has excellent analysis on recent developments.

Bottom-line: Wronghaven is going down.

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