1. Veterans May Gain Easier Access To Medical Marijuana
  2. Veterans affairs position proposed to Board of Trustees
  3. Will the Iran Deal-Wreckers Prevail?
  4. ‘International law is being applied highly selectively, when it comes to Iran’
  5. Moment of Truth — Iran and Obama
  6. Washington plays Russian roulette
  7. Veterans’ moms to Congress: Boost suicide prevention
  8. Veterans face another battle: Paying for college
  9. Specialty Food Distributor Immediately Hiring
  10. Imagine – Mr. Putin Takes Center Stage at G20 Summit
  1. Keyser Soze: “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” ― Napoleon
  2. Chris Williams: Good to see Bob Carr speaking plainly about the situation. Of course, this hasn’t been an...
  3. Rexw: Might I suggest to the Russian commanders that if they do have a difficulty in the placement of fuel supplies...
  4. Kam Zarrabi: I watched the proceedings on C-SPAN of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Ed Royce, The...
  5. Don Nash: Veterans as “precious resource?” Alrighty then. If these “precious” numbnuts...


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Veterans are ‘precious resources’ »

Arnaldo Rodgers | Retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus was in Nashville on Tuesday to encourage local businesses to hire veterans, who he said were among “our nation’s most precious resources.”…

Nov 20 2014 / 2 Comments / Read More »

VA to host annual National Veterans Small Business Engagement »

Arnaldo Rodgers | From Dec. 9 to Dec. 11, the Department of Veterans Affairs will host its annual National Veterans Small Business Engagement (NVSBE) at the Georgia World Congress Center, located at 285 Andrew Young International Blvd., NW, Atlanta, Ga., 30313.…

Nov 10 2014 / No Comment / Read More »

Thanks for Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan »

Editor | Thank You for Your Valor, Thank You for Your Service, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…Still on the Thank-You Tour-of-Duty Circuit, 13 Years Later…

Oct 27 2014 / 1 Comment / Read More »
Howard Schultz. Chairman and CEO of Multi-million dollar Corporation Starbucks

Whistleblower: HSBC ‘lied to MPs & deceived customers’ »

Editor | While Wilson has directly notified the Treasury Select Committee about his concerns regarding HSBC’s alleged criminal activity, contempt of Parliament and deliberate deceit of its customers, he is yet to receive a response.…

Nov 7 2014 / No Comment / Read More »
British HSBC whistleblower and financial campaigner, Nicholas Wilson.

US Veterans and the Battle at Home »

Editor | A special report on US veterans and their never-ending battle back at home. A must watch for all Veterans and those that care.…

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WWII Veteran, 98, Dons Uniform for Final Salute »

On Veterans Day, Justus Belfield donned his Army uniform one more time, even though he was too weak to leave his bed at an upstate New York nursing home.…

Nov 15 2014 / No Comment / Read More »
Robert O'Neill, Navy Seal

Another Fake Bin Laden Story — Paul Craig Roberts »

Anyone who believes anything the US government says is gullible beyond the meaning of the word.…

Nov 10 2014 / 1 Comment / Read More »



How Three Veterans Uncovered the Iraq War’s Biggest Untold Story »


John Ismay was in the business of tracking explosives and bombs in surge-era Iraq. His first week there introduced him to an open secret: Coalition forces routinely found chemical weapons, and within a…

Nov 17 2014 / No Comment / Read More »

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