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The Syrian Ambassador’s Complaint

The Syrian Ambassador’s Complaint

It is said publicly today that the Americans with the Turks will start training the terrorists in Turkey in spring.…

Western politics of high-octane emotion

Western politics of high-octane emotion

Western governments and their pliable news media are audaciously playing politics with public emotions.…


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CrossTalk: Wealth Abyss

One percent already has half the world’s wealth under its thumb and at this rate is set to accumulate even more. As much of the world slowly recovers from severe recession, the rich are prospering and greatly so. Is the global system rigged to their advantage? CrossTalking with Max Lawson, Richard Wellings and Michael Hudson.…

Charlie Hebdo, Zionism & Media Deception

Mustapha pondered whether the attack was stage-managed by the intelligence services, considering the two deceased suspects were being closely surveyed and watched by French intelligence and police for years, their names even showing up on ‘terror watch’ and ‘no fly’ lists.…

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich Interview with RT International on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Soraya: I believe Obama does not want further sanctions on Iran because it will play into the hands of Iran because Iran can then demonstrate to the world that America is not serious...…

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‘American Sniper’ a realistic portrait of sacrifice

‘American Sniper’ a realistic portrait of sacrifice

Air Force veteran and congressman Adam Kinzinger said Sunday that “American Sniper,” the Oscar-nominated film that’s packed theaters while reigniting the nation’s culture wars, is the most authentic depiction of the Iraq conflict that he’s seen.…

San Joaquin County Opening Court for Veterans

State leaders praise veterans at Iowa Capitol

Military Veteran Designation on Municipal IDs Delayed

Benghazi: The Rest of the Story

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New Program Prepares Veterans for Hospitality Jobs

New Program Prepares Veterans for Hospitality Jobs

University of Phoenix, Hilton Worldwide and Goodwill Industries International are teaming up with one goal: Cultivate the jobs skills of veterans and their spouses to help Hilton hire 10,000 Veterans by 2018…

Clinic offers D.C.’s homeless veterans health care, services

An Open Letter to Soldiers with ‘Mental Health’ Issues

Senate panel OKs bill to lower veteran suicide rate

Missouri lawmaker proposes Medicaid expansion for veterans